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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Perfect Match: Sprints and Low Carbs

Somethings just go together perfectly. Monica and Chandler, cheese and crackers, manis and pedis, me and mrC (😍), sprints and low carbs.

All the years I was running, I never really embraced speed work. Oh, occasionally I would join running friends for Track Party Tuesday, but not often enough to have any impact on my running or my body. Now that I am learning a new fitness lifestyle, I am becoming a believer is sprint workouts on low carb days.

Pairing sprints with low carb days sets the body up to tap into the fat storage for energy. Sprinting depletes glycogen stores quickly. By eating a diet low in carbs the rest of day, the body must find energy somewhere else. Fat.

Based on how my clothes are fitting right now, it works.

Todays sprint workout was KILLER: 20 seconds on, 20 seconds recover, 20 TIMES! I bring my Gymboss to my sprints so I can close my eyes until I hear the magic BEEP.

I never ran a 5K faster than 26+ minutes, but sprints on the elliptical make me feel seriously speedy! This includes the 5 minute warm-up too.

Everyday planking and now mrC wants in on the fun. I did my daily challenge (did you see it on Instagram?) and then 3 sets of 20 second holds in basic forearm plank for him.

It was supposed to be a rainy afternoon, so we spent some time pool side before heading home for brunch. 

What I ate on low carb day

Brunch: 3 scrambled eggs with ham, pb&j rice cake, and one sausage patty.

Snacks: celery and hummus, a little popcorn

Dinner: baked flounder (seasoned with coconut oil, garlic, paprika, and cajun seasoning), green beans and salad

Macros: Under 50 net carbs for the day, so my body should have been tapping into the fat stores (preferably right around my hips). 

What do you like to pair together?

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Sweaty Saturday Workout and New Feast Day Treats

The gym is a good place to be on a rainy day. I started my workout by catching up on my #ultimateplankchallenge. The full plank heel lifts are tough.

My main workout can be broken into three parts: arms with body weight only, arms with weights, and legs with cardio.

The first part, arms with body weight only, is actually the hardest for me. There are three exercises to do 10 sets of 10: push-ups, forearm plank push-ups, and tricep dips. I've been doing these one at a time to completion, but today I did a circuit hoping it would make it go faster and be easier. Nope. Still hard.

What I ate on Feast day

Breakfast: fruit, French toast, and hash browns 
As a treat, we decided to have the breakfast buffet at the Hilton after our workout. With our membership, we get a 10% discount and well, I was too tired to think about cooking when we got back to the apartment.

Snack: GF "cheetos"
A new gluten free snack created by Luke, who has Celiac's disease, that I found in Hong Kong yesterday. 

Lunch: smoothie bowl and turkey slices
This will always be a treat!

Snack: crackers and cheese
More treats from my Hong Kong shopping spree. Mary's Gone Crackers are gluten free (so happy to have found them) and the port wine cheese is a favorite from time spent with my grandparents. 

Dinner: quinoa pizza bake and green beans
Sadly that was the last of my favorite pasta sauce brough here from Cincinnati.

Dessert: strawberries 

Macros: today was a good day. A couple hundred calories short, but I did very well on my carbs. 

This carb cycling plan encourages participants to do a gluten free and dairy free diet for six weeks. I admit that I think I'm seeing positive effects from staying away from dairy, but I'm weak. I love my cheese! 

Do you prefer circuits or completing each exercise one at a time?
What is your food weakness?

Friday, May 20, 2016

Intense Sprints, Locker Room Lowdown, and Low Carb Eats

Off to Hong Kong to take care of passport renewals and squeezed in a bit of shopping. I'm so excited about some awesomely good gluten free products I found. More on that tomorrow.

I made it to gym for an afternoon workout session: sprints with a new twist. 20 seconds on and 20 seconds rest. 15 times! I finally remembered to take my handy Gymboss with me so I didn't have to stare at the time.

The sprints were intense. I ended up on the bike for my cool down.

So many unbelievable things happen in the fitness center locker room that today I am starting a new trend called:

Locker Room Lowdown 

It is not unusual to see tiny Asian women walking around naked or blow drying their feet, but today was a new one. There is only one small bench in the beautiful locker room. Today another woman (who was actually showering and dressing her swim lesson child) and I were sharing the bench. She had one end, I had the other end. There wasn't much space in between. It was kind of nice since sharing is uncommon. 

Here's the low down: a third woman dressed only in a hotel robe squeezed herself onto the bench landing on our things to drink a cup of water. She must have been exhausted holding that cup. 


What I ate on low carb day

Breakfast: 2.5 scrambled eggs with ham

Lunch: Cajun chicken Caesar salad and shared crabmeat nuggets with mrC

Snack: Flourless chocolate cake 
mrC picked this up at the grocery for us to eat on the ferry back to Shekou and it was seriously so good. Made only with eggs and chocolate! We are already planning to get it again the next time we are in Hong Kong.

Dinner: Crockpot Italian chicken, green beans, and a salad (with a little cheese & Ranch)
Not dairy free. Sorry. Not sorry. I'm doing my best.

Macros: I'm getting good at these low carb days. 23 net carbs for the day.

PS - I had to share this non-scale victory with you. The black pants I'm wearing in the first photo...I couldn't wear a month ago. I bought them in the US and a week later mrC accidentally shrunk them in the dryer. Today, they were baggy! I'm thrilled and can't wait to see my numbers in two weeks.

Have you ever tried flourless cake?

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Core Work and A Carb Cycling Update

After a late night of travel back to Shenzhen and a little extra sleep, I got right to the core work today. I was a little behind on the plank challenge I'm doing because of my trip to Bali, but by putting together all of the days I had a tough core workout. But I did workout in Bali too.

Before I get to today, I have some catching up to do. It was not easy to be on a getaway while doing the carb cycling program, but I switched around some of the days and made it work as much as I could. 

Sunday: Low calorie day = rest
This made traveling easier. I had breakfast with mrC before being picked up for my ride to the airport, lunch was a protein bar and dinner from the room service kid's menu (on a Winnie the Pooh plate!).

Monday: Low carb day (originally feast day) = sprints on the elliptical 
Super easy at the hotel and restaurants in Bali. Eggs made to order at the hotel, chicken satay by the pool and dinner at Tony Roma's.

Tuesday: Feast day (originally fast day) = full body workout (or climb a volcano!)
We were served breakfast on our hiking trip (one at the bottom and one at the top): banana pancake and banana sandwich. Another order of chicken satay at the pool and dinner at Fish Co. Dessert from room service was a strange yogurt and granola bowl (but not in the same bowl?).

Wednesday: Fast day (originally regular calorie day) = REST
Breaking fast on an airplane is not my first choice! A little bit of chicken and rice, some fruit, and pb& j rice cake when I got back to apartment.

Macros: I'm pretty excited by these. I kept my carbs up except on low carb day and ate more on feast day again which made my fast go smoothly.

Today: Low calorie day (to get back on track with the group, I skipped regular calorie day)

Breakfast: our easy go-to: scrambled eggs with ham and pb&j rice cake

Lunch: quinoa pizza bake, salad, and grapes
Thank goodness my favorite pizzeria sauce is gluten free and mrC brought some back from the states with him.

Dinner: Italian crockpot chicken, green beans, salad and watermelon 

Macros: not at all happy about these. Unless MFP is wrong, most of my fats today came from my eggs. Who knew?!? On the bright side, my calories were right at 25% less than a regular day though.

Here's to staying on track and getting things done on schedule!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Ultimate Plank Challenge and Feast Day

I was awake extra, extra early today. After failing to fall back asleep, I decided to knock out my workout so that feast day could commence.

Last night I came across the #Ultimateplankchallenge and you know how I love a daily challenge. So this morning I jumped in and completed days 1-3: timed plank, 3x30 second forearm planks, and 3x15 crunches. 

The feast day workout had to be modified so I could give my knee a rest. I was able to complete the arm circuit using lower reps (I can't do 100 push-ups!!), but I opted for a leg workout without any squats or lunges. How? I used this routine from Amanda Miller and added mountain climbers at the end. Then I took my cool down outside. They're working on the boardwalk, so I walked in the courtyard of our apartment complex.

I worked on the active trigger points again and brought out my secret weapon. The tennis ball is small, but it can find knots in places that the foam roller and stick can't get to. Warning: if you've never used a tennis ball to roll out knots, it hurts. Just a heads up. 

My knee is better, but still not a happy camper. It's as if my knee cap is not tracking properly. This happened in the past and it turned out to be my IT band, so that's where I went with the tennis ball. There was definitely some knotting/tender spots in there, so I'm hoping this will be the answer.

What I ate on feast day #2

Breakfast: protein pancakes, watermelon, and coffee
These pancakes are awesome, but actually have twice as much protein as carbs. I think that defeats the purpose of carb loading on feast day. They were really good though.

Lunch: quinoa and tuna, grapes, pb banana protein bar, water
Left out the dairy from my regular recipe (see it here) and it wasn't bad. I was stuffed!

Snacks: (not pictured) more watermelon, some Baked Lays chips

Dinner: leftover quinoa and tuna, water, pb banana protein bar
I was 100% NOT HUNGRY, but knowing how bad I felt on the last fast day, I made myself eat.

Admittedly proud of my eating work today. I was still 500 calories under the goal of eating 50% more than regular calorie days, but my carbs were better than last feast day.

Let the fasting begin!!