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Monday, February 10, 2014

Training Truths: Tight IT Band and a Cranky Knee

My IT band has been tight after my last couple of long runs. After spending some time in my compression gear, it was still cranky and so was my knee.

So last week while I gave my legs a little break from running, I kept myself busy with my February challenges. My #mnbchallenge work kept me extra busy during the week, but I also kept the #30DayRagnarChallenge streak going by using #SweatADay exercises to work toward the #FFBURPEE goal of 1000.

Monday - 35 burpees 210/1000

Tuesday - 35 more burpees 245/1000

Wednesday - Ran 4 progression miles on the treadmill during the snowstorm.  I started off nice and slow ending with a comfortable 9ish pace. Even with the warmup and a good 20 minute post-run stretch the ITB/knee were not happy. Fortunately I did the 35 daily burpees earlier 280/1000

Thursday - Planks and 35 burpees 315/1000

Friday - Some of my favorite squats x25 each and 35 burpees 350/1000

Saturday - Spent the morning at SurfSet class with mrC. My knee was still feeling a little cranky during certain exercises (mostly squats), so I treated myself to a post workout smoothie and an ice pack. 35 burpees 385/1000

Sunday - Since running is not supposed to hurt, I decided to listen to my body and cancelled the long run. Instead I focused on core work...anything that would not aggravate my knee.

How do you feel about taking a break?