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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

9 Instagram Truths

This post is being written while also trying to pack for our upcoming trip back to the US. mrC has some work stuff to do and I'm tagging along!

If you follow me on Instagram (if not, you can here), you might have already seen these photos, but today you'll get a little more of the true story behind each one.

From left to right starting at the top:

1. Friday morning mrC was on a trip so I headed out for my #runstreak mile. The colors of the sky are beautiful, but I've been noticing more foggy smoggy-ness creeping in and I don't like it.

2. Heart rate monitor shot after taking 60 minute Pilates class. I really want to take pictures during class because my classmates are so strong and flexible, but it seems inappropriate. Calorie burn is the next best thing.

3. mrC was back in town and I ambushed him as soon as he woke up to go for a run with me. He conveniently wore a semi-pinkish shirt that I made work for breast cancer awareness, even though I questioned his choice before we left. 

4. The view from our awesome 14km hike on Sunday in Hong Kong. We were only at the top for about 15 minutes. I wanted to spend more time at the top, but now I'll just have to go back to explore more.

5. Back from our 12 hour hiking trip, I still did my daily run. One night mile along the waterfront. I was nervous about running in the dark (afraid I might step in something left behind by one of the lovely Chinese dog owners), but there were tons of people out and I didn't step in anything :)

6. My newest Fitbit award! I paced around the apartment for about 2 minutes to reach 30,000 when I saw how close I was and it was almost cut-off time.

7. mrC was picked up for his trip at 4:20AM and I tossed and turned after he left. When I finally got up to do my daily mile before meeting the hiking group, I was tired and even a little cranky. 10 minutes in my running shoes changes everything.

8. The we-made-it-to-the-top hiking group picture. The picture is taken by a local Chinese park employee and he likes to take a bunch of pictures. There are 7 different countries represented in the photo.

9. On today's run I practiced using a breathing pattern again. A reader recommended 4:2 exhale/inhale. It works pretty good, but sometimes I like to take deep breaths and it messes up the rhythm. This pic is from the end of my run when I was feeling a little tired. It was a great spot to take a MRTT #runfie and catch a little break.

There you have it. The truth behind my Instagram feed. Not every picture is as perfect as it appears.

See you in the USA!

Have you ever wondered what really happens behind all those Instagram pictures?