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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Weekend of Favorite Things

This weekend was pretty much perfect because it involved so many of my favorite things. I'll get right to my favorite favorite thing. The d.o.g.

We got to visit with this handsome guy on Saturday. Booney was supposed to go to the Cape with his adoptive parents, but they let him stay behind so that we could have some time with him. 

We get as excited to visit with him as we do any of the kids. He has been one of the family for past 13 years!

I'm glad he didn't forget how to take selfies since we last saw him! He's so photogenic!

After spending (not nearly enough) time with Booney, mrC took me to Boston. We walked around Fanueil Hall, grabbed a bowl of our favorite chowder from the Union Oyster House and stopped for our favorite Chipyard cookies.

Then we headed to Cambridge to watch women's professional soccer at Harvard University. The Boston Breakers were playing the Western New York Flash. Before running, soccer was my all-time favorite sport. I'm 99.9% certain that an old soccer injury and subsequent knee surgeries are the reason for my nearly non-running status now. I still love to watch it though.

Before the game we explored a little of the campus and hung out in the fan zone playing corn hole. When I lived in Ohio, my dad made me a set. I loved having friends over and playing in the backyard. It was one of my favorite things about summer nights and fall weekends.

I found a new pair of favorite jeans ---> outfit details here

I was filled with runner pride when I saw so many people running the stairs inside Harvard Stadium. These people are so lucky.  Then we walked by the beautiful indoor track. Doesn't it just make you want to run?

Today we went to church and then picked up some groceries for his parents. I saw this and thought it was a sign that my Bengals were going to win today, but they didn't. They're still my favorite team.

Some of my eats from the weekend:

Tell me your favorites...pick one or all to answer in the comments!

Fall activity?

Friday, August 24, 2012

Fitness Friday: Playing Tag

Jen from Running With The Girls tagged me with a Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Thanks Jen!

Here are the guidelines that go along with this award:
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Here are 7 things I am looking forward to:

1. Newport, RI - This weekend we are heading back to Rhode Island. Saturday we'll be getting in a long run along the Newport Half Marathon course before hanging out at the beach. Saturday evening we will be enjoying the tunes of Survivor at the Naval Station Salute to Summer Concert & Fireworks Show. Finally on Sunday we'll be getting in a day of sailing.

2. Reach the Beach - In a few weeks I will be running my very first relay race as part of Team One Track Minded. I was invited to the team by my running partner Daisy who has run both NH and MA RTB Relays. I'm both nervous and excited for this running adventure, but know that I am in good hands. I read some really great relay tips from Sarah at Once Upon a Lime. Now all I need is to get my hands on a reflective night vest and head lamp! 

3. ZOOMA Women's Half Marathon -  The weekend after RTB, I'll be traveling to Cape Cod for another weekend of running fun! It all starts on Friday night with a Mocktail Hour sponsored by HINT at the Reds Poolside bar where special guest The Fitnessista and all the CC ZOOMA Ambassadors will be hanging out! Want to join us? All Cape Cod runners are invited, just RSVP here. Not signed up for the race yet? Register here and don't forget to use my discount code CCAMB8!

4. Fall - I'm really looking forward to the cooler running temps. I love summer, but I am a cold weather runner. In NH we are already getting some glimpses of the cool fall weather in the mornings and some little teasers of the fall colors to come. And, all that summer training means faster running in the fall.

5. Giveaway - Coming soon I will be sharing an awesome giveaway with you featuring some of my favorite running gear. If you follow my blog, you might be able to guess what might be on my list, but stay tuned! Be sure to check back for more details.

6. Soccer Season - I grew up a soccer junkie and now I'm lucky enough to be the step parent of one. My step daughter is starting her second year of high school varsity soccer and I am really looking forward to watching her play. Did you know soccer players typically run 5-8 miles during the course of one game?

7. Running with my Husband - I love that my husband is my #1 fan. He drives me to races (sometimes super early), takes pictures, hangs out while I talk to friends, and cheers for me. What I love most of all though, is running WITH him. He has a crazy work schedule, but I'm really looking forward to adding many more miles to our running shoes together.

What are you looking forward to?

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