Sunday, May 6, 2018

It's All About the View | Weekly Wrap

Despite more traveling last week, I hit the unofficial goals that I set for myself and kicked off May on a good note. I brought the strength training back and got in two runs.

The highlight of the week was breaking in our stay in Colorado with a nice 5k run with mrC.

We headed back to Coot Lake because we loved it so much last year when we were here. This time we decided to run some of the trails beyond the lake loop to explore a little more. I love that all the trails are soft.

We used the 4:1 intervals and sort of just kept going left on the trails. This took us away from Coot Lake and toward Boulder Reservoir. Everywhere we looked we could see water and mountains, and beautiful sky. It was amazing.

Lots of things made this a tough run ---> feeling a little of that time-zone hangover that you get after a really late arrival, it's later in the day, 72 degrees and sunny, Boulder's mile high elevation, a very painful side stitch.  But, it was all about the views.

Finishing the run was a relief but we also felt pretty good about it. We might have been slower and it might have a little painful (breathing) at times, but we ran a 5k.

What you don't see in the photos is that the place was actually crawling with people walking, running, biking, letting their dogs swim in the lake. It was a very busy Sunday at Coot Lake.

The rest of the week:

Monday - Sprints (elliptical) 20:40 x 12 + dirty dozen arm workout x2

Tuesday - Sprints (run) 20:40 x 10 (slow run for recovery!) then drive from Delaware to Connecticut

Wednesday - Legs (shred) ---> OMGosh! This made me sore!

Thursday - Treadmill walk and arms (dirty dozen) 2x

Friday - Rest day - Yoga with Adriene video: yoga for sore muscles

Saturday - family visits and travel (Boston to Boulder) - postponed my PPB burpees for Sunday

Sunday - Run and 40 burpees - planned to do my 40 burpees during recovery of my interval run but quickly realized on the run that I needed the recovery. Meant to do them when we got back to the hotel, but I was starving. Doubling up tomorrow.

Did you hit any goals last week (official or unofficial)?
Does elevation affect your runs?

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Friday, May 4, 2018

I like Being Sore, Arm Workouts and More...

It took awhile to get moving yesterday, but I finally found my way to the fitness room for another strength workout. I was moving a little slowly because my muscles were sore from the leg workout I did the day before. I like that sore feeling.

I really like the Dirty Dozen Arm Workout, so that's what I did. I walked on the treadmill for 10 minutes first as a warm-up and then went through the 12 exercises two times. I was pretty excited to discover that I no longer need the 5 pound weights (although I did use them on the reverse flys only because my back/shoulder is still bugging me).

As a finish to my arm workout, I did a 90 second plank for PPB challenge day 3. I didn't think I could hold it for 90 seconds without losing form, so I broke it into three 30 seconds planks. After I did them, I figured out that I could have probably done two 45 seconds planks. I think I was distracted by the man on the elliptical who was breathing really heavy and I don't think he realized it. Anyway, I did my core work.

Speaking of core, did you see this??? I'm totally envious of her core strength!

I love tacos from Hot Head Burritos. For the past two days instead of having breakfast at the end of my fasting window, I've been having tacos...for brunch.

On our way to see the family, we stopped in My Main Squeeze to get a smoothie because it was 90 degrees again. I was thrilled to find that they make acai bowls (I love them), so I changed my mind. For toppings I chose peanut butter, granola and raspberries.

For dinner we met up with mrC's childhood friend and his wife at a restaurant in Palmer, MA that was new to us. Steaming Tender Restaurant is the formerly Palmer Union Station that has been restored and turned into a beautiful and fun place to eat. While we were eating we saw an Amtrak train pass right by through the floor to ceiling windows in the dining area. And, I highly recommend the Rattlesnake (spicy chicken pasta). Soooo good!

not my picture

Ever have to workout near a heavy breather?
Would you try Lindsey Vonn's ab workout?

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Thursday, May 3, 2018

A Leg Workout and My First Fabletics

We woke up in Connecticut on Wednesday morning. We took a different route back and ended up getting great views of New York City as we crossed the George Washington Bridge. There was a little traffic, but overall it was an easy ride (thanks to mrC's driving).

As a bonus I also woke up with a jacked up shoulder blade, I guess from my sleeping position. I tried to pinpoint the spot with my trusty tennis ball, but no luck.

Feeling motivated after telling the world (well, my blogging world anyway) that I need to bring back the strength training, I went to the fitness center armed with a leg workout from my SHRED days. It. Was. Killer.

Here's the workout as written: 10 minute WU, 10 sets of 10 walking lunges, 2 sets of 10 weighted goblet squats, 2 sets of 12-15 dumbbell deadlifts, 2 sets of 12-15 plie squats, 10 sets of 10 side lunge to squat, 100 calf raises, 10 sets of 10 burpees, 10 minute CD.

I did the workout as written until...the side lunges. This is when I started thinking that maybe I should have considered modifying earlier. I did 3 sets instead of 10 side lunges and only 3 sets of burpees (just enough for the Pushups, Planks, and Burpees challenge by Running on Happy ---> it's a repeat of what she did in January).

I'm afraid I may have over-done it on my poor hamstrings. There's not much that is good about the hotel fitness room, but there is a spongy foam roller.

As we headed out of Newark on Tuesday, we made a pitstop at the mall. Besides popping into New York and Company (where I found this dress, these linen pants), I wanted to check out Fabletics. I didn't even know they had an actual store! I wore my new leggings during my workout and they were great. I don't usually like the floral designs on myself, but the color combo of the Oasis print made this one a winner. I kind of wish I had bought the capris though.

We spent the afternoon visiting mrC's family. My sister-in-law and I went to the trails at the local university to walk a couple dogs (the puppy in the middle of the pic didn't join us). We couldn't believe that it was 90 degrees out!

For dinner we picked up some ready made parm-crusted haddock, garlic mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli from the local grocery and took it to mrC's parents. Then we hung out at his brother's for a bit watching the hockey game.

Anyone doing the (January repeat) PPB challenge?
Have you tried anything from Fabletics?

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Sidewalk Sprints and 8 Technical Tips for Sprinting

mrC passed his recurrent check ride yesterday (he studies very hard, so this is no surprise to me). Yay! While he was taking his test, I was enjoying my last day of fitness in Delaware.

I found a great place to run (yes, run!) my sprints. Loads of sunshine and blue sky pulled me outside and I do not regret leaving the elliptical behind at all. The sidewalk is on the other side of a large parking lot next to the hotel and I knew it would work for sprints.

The workout: Sidewalk Sprints

I walked about 5 minutes for my warmup. I probably should have walked more and maybe even run a bit, but I was feeling crunched for time (we were leaving Delaware early). Since I haven't run my sprints in awhile I set my interval app for 10 sets @ 20 seconds sprint, 40 seconds recover. This is a starting point for sprints workouts in the carb cycling program.

After the first sprint, I paced around waiting out the 40 seconds recover. It felt like a waste of time, especially since I hadn't run for my warm-up. So, for sprints 3-10, I slowly ran the recovery back to the start. This felt good and I'm happy that I thought to do it. In a perfect world, I would have walked for 30 minutes or run a mile for a cool-down, but I had to get ready for our departure.

It was cold, but luckily I grabbed an old Nike pullover out of my fitness gear bin when we stopped at the storage unit last week. I love thumb holes on my long sleeves, but this top also has the built in mitten fold-over. I think this top at Macy's is the current version.

When I first started sprinting, I had no idea what I was doing (doing it for sports as a kid seems soooo long ago, ha!). In connection with today's Wednesday Word link up with Deb, I thought I'd share some technical tips for anyone interested in getting started.

1. Spend 5-10 minutes for warm-up: brisk walk, dynamic stretching
2. Pick your sprint measurement: time or distance
3. Start out around 50% your max speed to get a feel for it
4. Increase your speed after each sprint
5. Pay attention to your form (great tips here)
6. Allow enough rest time to catch your breath
7. Aim to complete 6-10 sprints your first time
8. Cool down by walking or jogging for a few minutes

Whether you are sprinting for an interval training workout or to increase your overall running pace, these techniques should help get you started.

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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

3 Part Workout and My Monthly Review for April

Yesterday's workout was a favorite from the carb cycling program I did (and still do on my own) a couple of years ago. I had such good results from the program that I still follow the cycle and do the workouts. Doing this helps me maintain and stay at a healthy weight.

Low carb days were always my favorite because I really do love cardio. The great thing about these workouts is that they are short. Intense, but short. There are also options: I can swim, run, elliptical or HIIT and get the same effect from the cardio bursts.

So yesterday, I choose an elliptical sprint workout followed by some light strength training.

1. Elliptical workout: 10 minutes warm up, 12 minutes sprints @20 seconds work, 40 seconds rest, and 10 minutes cool down.
2. Arm workout: dirty dozen x2 rounds
3. Plank workout: forearm plus cha cha knees and side with twists

On Sunday, I complained on Instagram about how warm the fitness room was. Yesterday, it was cooler (because no one changed the setting I left it on, yay!), but I had to attach the cords to the elliptical for the tv to work and someone apparently thinks it is ok to "borrow" weights and left only one 10, 15, and 20 pounds behind. I had to get creative, but it didn't stop my workout.

I would love to run the sprints part of this workout every time I do it, but I just know that it's not the best thing for my knee. After taking quite a big break from running, my knee has been feeling almost normal ---> meaning not swollen or puffy, and not all.

On that note, let's look back at April.

RUN - 8.99 miles
HIKE - 5.20 km ---> Diamond Head
SWIM - 3500 m (approx)
WALK - 11.37 miles

My break from running and hard hiking that started in March just sort of carried over into April. I logged three runs while traveling in the US and these were all my runs for month.

The month was filled with lots of low impact exercise like swimming and walking and yoga. I think it was a good fit for what my body needed, but I dropped the ball on strength training. I need to make weights a priority again - at least a couple times a week.

We traveled A LOT. Hawaii for a week to start the month (a blast) and we've been in the US for the last two weeks of the month (for mrC's work and some family time) ---> count the states: Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Delaware.


Today I'm doing the link-up with Patty, Erika, and Marcia for Tuesdays on the Run and this week we're sharing our best and worst race photos.

My worst: this was my first race ever. I didn't know much about running yet, including how to dress. I'm pretty sure I'm wearing a cotton tee!

My best: by 2014 I mastered the finish line photo - themed races help with that.

My favorite (bonus): any race photo with mrC is my fave, but we loved this one so much we had it framed.

Do you break your workouts into parts?
Ever have to deal with missing weights/equipment?
How was your April?