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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Sidewalk Sprints and 8 Technical Tips for Sprinting

mrC passed his recurrent check ride yesterday (he studies very hard, so this is no surprise to me). Yay! While he was taking his test, I was enjoying my last day of fitness in Delaware.

I found a great place to run (yes, run!) my sprints. Loads of sunshine and blue sky pulled me outside and I do not regret leaving the elliptical behind at all. The sidewalk is on the other side of a large parking lot next to the hotel and I knew it would work for sprints.

The workout: Sidewalk Sprints

I walked about 5 minutes for my warmup. I probably should have walked more and maybe even run a bit, but I was feeling crunched for time (we were leaving Delaware early). Since I haven't run my sprints in awhile I set my interval app for 10 sets @ 20 seconds sprint, 40 seconds recover. This is a starting point for sprints workouts in the carb cycling program.

After the first sprint, I paced around waiting out the 40 seconds recover. It felt like a waste of time, especially since I hadn't run for my warm-up. So, for sprints 3-10, I slowly ran the recovery back to the start. This felt good and I'm happy that I thought to do it. In a perfect world, I would have walked for 30 minutes or run a mile for a cool-down, but I had to get ready for our departure.

It was cold, but luckily I grabbed an old Nike pullover out of my fitness gear bin when we stopped at the storage unit last week. I love thumb holes on my long sleeves, but this top also has the built in mitten fold-over. I think this top at Macy's is the current version.

When I first started sprinting, I had no idea what I was doing (doing it for sports as a kid seems soooo long ago, ha!). In connection with today's Wednesday Word link up with Deb, I thought I'd share some technical tips for anyone interested in getting started.

1. Spend 5-10 minutes for warm-up: brisk walk, dynamic stretching
2. Pick your sprint measurement: time or distance
3. Start out around 50% your max speed to get a feel for it
4. Increase your speed after each sprint
5. Pay attention to your form (great tips here)
6. Allow enough rest time to catch your breath
7. Aim to complete 6-10 sprints your first time
8. Cool down by walking or jogging for a few minutes

Whether you are sprinting for an interval training workout or to increase your overall running pace, these techniques should help get you started.

I’m also linking up with Susie and Rachel and Debbie and Lora for the Running Coaches' Corner 


Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Global Running Day + Strength Training

It wasn't a scheduled day for running, but I had to run because it is Global Running Day and the whole FOMO thing!

So, mrC indulged me and we ran to the fitness center. I carried the #OiselleWorldRelay virtual baton in Hong Kong while sporting my favorite running shorts and tank (similar).

The short run was literally a great warm-up for our strength training in the gym. It's already in the high 80s before 7AM here, so we were nice and sweaty going in.

While I'm on the topic of heat and running, June is also National Safety Month. One precaution runners who lace up for outdoor runs in the summer should take is staying hydrated. You probably couldn't see it in the other photos because of how nicely it tucks into my sports bra, but I run with my Simple Hydration water bottle. The bottle is so comfortable back there that when I started my strength workout I realized I had forgotten to take it out!

Week 2 Regular Calorie Day - the workout

Warm-up - 10 minutes of (your choice) - Perfect spot for my run.

Strength training - Legs. Chest. Shoulders. Finishers ---> let's talk about these. At the end of an already intense training session, these extra exercises are meant to push you to the next level and leave your energy depleted. The benefits to adding finishers at the end of workout are 1) increased fat burning time after your workout has ended, and 2) burning more calories in less time.

Side note: I finally found the in-between weighted dumbbells. Game changer.

Cool down - Any thoughts we had about running home after the workout disappeared after those finishers. Instead we walked back and spent a little time stretching in what we call the best spot in Discovery Bay ---> because there is always an amazing breeze here.

Regular calorie day - the meals

Broke fast around 11:30 - 2.5 scrambled eggs with ham, 2 pieces GF PB&J toast, and red grapes

Lunch - Quinoa & tuna and some green beans

Dinner - 4 crunchy tacos and corn

Snack (aka dessert) - strawberries

Hitting my macros was a struggle in my previous rounds of carb cycling, but I seem to be getting the hang of it, finally.

How are you celebrating National/Global Running Day?
Do you ever do things because of a FOMO?

Today I’m linking up with Susie and Rachel and Debbie and Lora for the Running Coaches' Corner and I'm linking up with AnnmarieNicole and Jen for Wild Workout Wednesday!!


Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Running Makes Me Feel Better

I did not sleep well last night.

I've mentioned on the blog that I've been dealing with some shoulder pain. Yesterday I was back for more treatment. Dr. Cosman busted out the Graston tools again to work on my fascia and then set up the MENS (microcurrent electrical neuromuscular stimulator) to help with pain. It was a team effort. Lulu (the dog) added moral support and Dr. Beasely was getting a lesson (I think). Before leaving assistant Alvin taped me up.

Normally when I'm in Central for an appointment, I take advantage of the trip to browse, shop, eat. However, after my treatment I was feeling pretty beat up, so I opted to just stop into City'super for a few groceries.

There was no one at the deli bar, so I grabbed some turkey breast and Swiss cheese to make rollups for lunch. I have been craving these, but I'm picky about my ingredients. I have not found my favorite Finlandia Swiss yet, but City'super does have honey turkey breast imported from the US. Yay!

The result ---> rollups

We had leftovers for dinner, watched some TV and I iced my shoulder. the doctor said it was going to be sore and he wasn't kidding.

mrC was out the door super early this morning for a trip and originally I thought I would head out for a run at the same time. When he left though, it was a lot darker than I thought it would be and I was still so tired. I tossed and turned all night trying to find a position that was comfortable since my favorite meant lying on my sore shoulder.

Eventually I got up and basically guilt-tripped myself out the door because I wasn't feeling very motivated after a restless night's sleep and a sore shoulder. Once I started thinking about how I barely managed one run last week and I couldn't let a couple little things get in the way of a run today.

Once I was outside, I perked up because the air was a little cooler than I expected. Then again we live on the top of a hill, so it almost always feels nice in our courtyard.

There aren't too many route options here in Discovery Bay, so I do a lot of repeats. I knew I wanted to run just one hill today, so I chose the North Plaza loop and added out and backs along the promenade. The promenade is almost completely flat and I can create a loop-like feeling by running along the road in places instead of just sticking by the water.

I also played around with my intervals a little today. I still set my timer to 2:1 minute run and recover, but I kept running until the downhills in the beginning. I think my pace was too fast and it caught up to me on my last promenade loop. At that point I finished my run (and the uphill) following the interval timer.

In the end, I was a sweaty, slimy mess but I survived the 5K and was really glad I ran. Even though I was exhausted, I felt a lot better.

Being comfortable on a run is really important to me especially as the humidity and temperatures continue to creep up here in tropical Hong Kong. I need a good pair of running shoes, but more importantly I need a pair of lightweight socks. I hate when my feet are hot. It's stifling. Besides cool feet, I also need easy access to my water. Just a sip here and there to cool my mouth makes a difference when I'm running.

Shoes, socks, bottle

Ever have Graston done as treatment?
Does running make you feel better?
How do you stay comfortable during a run or workout?

Today I’m linking up with Susie and Rachel and Debbie and Lora for the Running Coaches' Corner and representing runners!