Monday, June 11, 2012

Bloggers Unite

June 11 - Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet up with some awesome New Hampshire ladies. We had a fun time getting to know one another and chatting about bloggingrunning, and races. There's nothing better than meeting more women passionate about running and fitness.

Let me introduce you:

Janine - blogs at The Purple Giraffe. She wears tutus when she runs!

Angela - blogs at Happy Fit Mama. She's a marathoner!

Sarah - blogs at Run Far Girl. She used to teach high school English!

Cheryl - blogs at Live Fit Daily. She's a Georgia Peach!

This summer I will be running the Lozilu Women's Mud Run in Boston along with Angela, the Color Me Rad 5K with Janine, Cheryl and possibly Angela, and maybe I can convince Sarah to run Zooma Cape Cod. Hopefully there will be some non-running adventures to get us together again too!

Do the people in your life share your passion 
for running or fitness?

What new adventure have you been on recently?


  1. there is NOTHING more fun than meeting bloggers or tweeters IRL.
    I find, for me, it 100% changes how I read their stuff----for the better!


  2. So fun to meet you yesterday! Can't wait for the race in July!

  3. Blogger meet ups are so fun! That's great you all got to meet up. :)

  4. Aww, thanks Laura. It was fun!

  5. Loved meeting you! Thanks for the reminder that I have to sign up for Color Me Rad! I don't want to miss out on the fun.


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