Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Put Some ZOOM in Your Training

The start of summer can have different effects on our fitness routines. Some people are motivated and charge full steam ahead into their training and workouts. Others may be feeling a little lazy and fighting the urge to relax on the beach instead of get up and move. Then there is always so much more to do in the warm fabulous days of summer.

Whether you are ready to jump in or need a little motivation, the Zooma Cape Cod Half Marathon/10K is a perfect way to do it.
"ZOOMA is a national women's race series that takes running and celebrating to the extreme. ZOOMA half marathon and 10k or 5K races are followed by a fabulous post-race party with massages, wine, music and more!" 
When you sign up for Zooma Cape Cod you get access to Train Like a Mother training plans as well as opportunities to attend training runs sponsored by City Sports - Back Bay location in Boston.

This race is the perfect opportunity to get together with all your girlfriends. You can train together, run a race together, and then party on the Cape together!  

As a Zooma Ambassador I can offer you a discount on the Cape Cod registration. All you have to do is enter the promo code CCAMB8 to get $10 the half marathon or $5 off the 10K. The price increases on June 23 so hurry to get the best deal!

You won't regret registering for this event. Zooma offers tremendous support through the blog, their Facebook page, and Twitter.

How do you stay motivated during the summer?


  1. It sounds like a super fun run! I LOVE girls only events! VERY COOL!

  2. it's hard for me to stay motivated in the summer because it's so darn hot! having a fall race to run and train for def helps!

  3. Already signed up for Zooma Cape Cod - can't wait!!!

  4. It sounds like lots of fun. Too bad I'm about 3,000 miles away.

    I stay motivated by changing things up a little for summer. It is so hot here in the desert that I move things indoors. I'm going to try more spinning instead of just riding my bike, and I've added yoga to my schedule. I will keep running outdoors though, even getting up extra early is better that running on a treadmill (my opinion :-))

    1. Ye, early morning runs are definitely in order for the summer!

  5. This is really close to my first half so I 'll pass this year, hopefully I can do it next year!


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