Monday, August 6, 2012

Find Your Greatness

In the blink of an eye the months of June & July have flown by.

Today, I am looking back at the goals I set for myself for 2012:

  1. Keep running!! - In June I ran 58.05 miles and in July 76.59. 
  2. Run a race every month (at least one) In June I was supposed to run 3 races, but I only ran two. I opted not to run a 5k because of torrential rain. If I had to do it over, I would go to the race anyway. In July I did three runs: two were fun runs (mud & color) and one was a 5k.
  3. Continue to improve my blog In July I became a Sweat Pink Ambassador for Fit Approach and a Cape Cod Ambassador for the ZOOMA Women's Race Series. I wrote some guest posts for FitFluential, ZOOMA, and fellow FitFluential Ambassadors. 
  4. Add another New England state to the list of places I have run Although I traveled to Ohio and ran a race while I was there, I have not added a new state to my list yet. 
  5. Keep meeting new running friends I met some other New England runners who also blog and ran some of the same races together.

In the midst of all this, I have found greatness.

The running community is packed with amazing people. People who want to push themselves, have a good time, and support you in any way that they can.

There are extraordinary people working hard to put together some incredible race experiences for runners. Whether you are a new runner or a seasoned runner, the people behind the scenes want you to have a great time running.

Companies are designing sensational gear for runners and getting runners involved in spreading the word. From water bottles to running shoes I have been astonished by the relationships I see being built.

As for myself, I'm feeling pretty marvelous about the amount of miles I've been posting. I can finish runs that I would have avoided a year ago and sometimes I'm even taking the lead.

Where do you find greatness?


  1. You are so right that the running community is amazing! Runners are the most incredible and supportive people. I am loving Nike's find your greatness campaign and have been asking myself the same question. I think greatness has to start from within, but the support of those around us helps us push harder to get there. Congrats on a successful 2 months of working toward your goals!

    1. Thanks Jesica! I don't know where I would be w/o my supportive peeps!

  2. I love the running community too! Hope to run another race with you again! :)

    1. Yes! We have to ;)

      Hope the knee is continuing to feel better!

  3. Wow. You're on FIRE with your goals.
    *tiptoes away to plan her august*

  4. You have great goals! Keep up the awesome work. SPA love xo

  5. WOOHOO! Amazing girl! Keep striving and keep reaching for your goals! YOU ARE ROCKING IT!

  6. Awesome girl! And I agree...the running community is amazing and so supportive!!!


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