Monday, October 1, 2012

TrainingTruths: Fresh Legs + GIVEAWAY

Is there such a thing as running too much? I don't like to admit it, but my legs have been feeling less than stellar after running Reach the Beach followed by the ZOOMA Half Marathon. Will my legs ever feel fresh and light again? How can I help get them back to that feeling?

#TrainingTruth: Running on the trail after a half marathon gives my fatigued muscles a break.

#TrainingTruth: Sometimes the last half of a run feels better than the first half.

#TrainingTruth: Chilly wet weather cannot dampen the awesomeness of a good run (finally). 

#TrainingTruth: Chafing is not a fun experience.

I've always used Vaseline on my feet for long runs to prevent blisters. A couple of weeks ago, Rebecca sent me Gold Bond Friction Defensean anti-chafing product that’s just hit the shelves, to try. Gold Bond Friction Defense is specially formulated to prevent friction, soothe and comfort skin and keep the sensitive area dry and smooth.  It has a no-mess application, lower price point per volume, and is available in major retailers nationwide.

Just days before I received the product, I had my first "real" chafing experience caused by my sports bra rubbing against my torso during a half marathon. More recently, I experienced another chafing mishap because the inner shorts of my running skirt were too large. Ouch! I used Gold Bond Friction Defense to sooth my skin and reduce the friction on my sensitive area and I healed right up. Now I use GBFD on my feet and other sensitive areas before long runs.

Rebecca was generous enough to send me a stick and some socks to share with readers. 

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  1. I SOOO RECALL the goldbond commercials of yore.
    I love me some GB. #truth

  2. I have always looked for a good chafing prevention product and this sounds great :-)

  3. I run lots of miles...chafing is always something I want to avoid!

  4. I run on my toes resulting in some disgusting blisters. Would love to give this product a try!

  5. I could definitely use this - always looking for chafe protection!

  6. I'd kill for cooler weather here in Florida!

  7. I always get chaffed in running skirts as well. I would use so i can wear them without the fear of chaffing!

  8. I get chafing where my bra meets my underarms; I bet this would help with that.

  9. I get chaffing in my pits. Yep. It's awesome.

  10. Oh man I need this for the crazy amount of chafing my mom and I experience.....ugh......sports bras are the worst for it!

  11. Running blisters and biking friction. No fun!


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