Monday, September 23, 2013

Training Truths: ZOOMA Week 11

My second "test" run last week did not go as I hoped, so my plans to run the ZOOMA Cape Cod 10K have been scrapped. However, I have plans to make race day just as fun as ever. Stay tuned!

Last week, I spent more time with my strength training and more time doing what I can do without pain: WALK. My friends in the running community keep telling me that hamstring injuries take a long time to heal, so I've decided to walk on the days that I used to run.

Monday - 50 squats. PT after school followed by a workout at home: Good Morning Circuit from Lorna Jane and the Knee Strength Workout from Christine.

Tuesday - 50 squats. Ran two slow painful miles on the trail after school and then sat through a soccer game. My adductor was not happy for about a day and a half.

Wednesday - 50 squats. Spider man pushups, straight leg bicycles, and the 8 minute belly buster circuit.

Thursday - 50 squats. Normally a run day, I took a 5K walk to the beach with mr. C and the dog. The view was gorgeous so I did some spontaneous side plank crunches for the Under Armour daily challenge.

Friday - 50 squats. Saw the dermatologist after school and he took a small spot from my cheek. Long day, emotional day = rest day.

Saturday - 50 squats. Walked, instead of ran, the My Dogs Are Barking 5K course with mr. C and the retired-loyal hound. Knee strength routine and got caught up on some daily challenge exercises.

Sunday - 50 squats. Needed to work the abs, so I did the 4 Minute Ninja Abs circuit and then added some glute strength exercises as well.

Waiting out this hamstring/adductor injury is by far one of the hardest things I've had to do in a while. If you have been in my shoes, I'd love to hear your advice/tips. This week, I'm looking forward to some good walks and then we head down to Cape Cod for a ZOOMA filled weekend!

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  1. read
    still same thought: BIG HUGS FOR YOUR FRIDAY. xoxo

  2. Totally been in your shoes and I GET how upsetting it is. I don't have much to offer (b/c I wallow when I'm injured!) except to say you WILL get through it and when you can run, you will appreciate it all the more. Hang tough!

  3. I hope your leg cuts it out! That's definitely no fun. I'm waiting out an IT band injury right now. First PT appt on Friday for that. That's too bad about Zooma though. I luckily was still able to mostly walk (with a little running mixed in) my races over the last 2 1/2 weeks.

  4. You will get through this! Trust me...been there before! It seems like it's taking forever but you'll be running before you know it!

  5. Kicking booty as usual! I think you are rocking this injury if you ask me!

  6. yeahhhh ninja abs!!!!! Hope everything from the dr comes back a-ok :)


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