Wednesday, September 11, 2013

WIAW: Greek Flaxseed Protein Pancakes

One thing I am learning on my wheat-free journey is that you don't have to give up your favorite foods altogether. With wheat-free options and substituting ingredients, I can still prepare many of our family's favorites. Pancakes are one of those favorites.

After an exhaustive internet search, I found a wheat-free/GF recipe that looked good and sounded good - by that I mean it didn't sound complicated. So I gave it a whirl. The first thing I noticed after mixing all the ingredients together was that the batter was much thicker than regular pancake mix. Looking at it, I was worried that I had done something wrong.

Dropping spoonfuls into the pan didn't make me feel any better because the batter did not spread out like I was expecting (based on regular pancake recipes) and again, I worried that I had made a mistake in my preparations.

However, just like when I have made regular pancakes in the past, a little patience mixed with a few flipping attempts and I finally realized that the batter was fine and the pancakes turned out delicious.

This recipe is for one serving or four medium pancakes, but can easily be doubled.

The original recipe can be found here. I made a few changes based on what I had available, and used the Designer Whey Sustained Energy Protein that I received from my FitFluential campaign.

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  1. these look AWESOME and I have everything to make them right here too. (SHOCKER :))

  2. pancakes are always a strong option! :) especially with designer whey!

  3. Delicious! I love green yogurt in ALL the things!

  4. You should check out Davida's blog ( because she makes pretty much everything GF, and she has a BUNCH of pancake recipes that everyone raves about!

  5. Oh I love protein pancakes! I also love how flax seeds adds fluff to the blend ;)

  6. Yum! Pancakes are so versatile.

  7. I love that they are made with yogurt!


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