Monday, September 2, 2013

Training Truths: ZOOMA Wk 8 with a #GoalGetter2013 August Update

It has truly been a bummer to not be able to run. I spent A LOT of time last week trying to get a diagnosis. So, after physical therapy, a referral to a sports medicine doc, an x-ray, and an MRI, here's what I know:


No one can find an explanation for my pain. What we do know is that I need to strengthen my left leg and HOPEFULLY with continued TLC I will be back to 100% soon.

On Saturday I had to defer my first race entry and now the ZOOMA Cape Cod Half Marathon is in jeopardy. There is still the option to run the 10K or just enjoy the weekend on the Cape with mr. C and the other Ambassadors as a spectator. We shall see.

Looking back at my #GoalGetter2013 goals, my quest to reach 1000 miles for the year was derailed this month with only 33.19 miles. On the upside, I was very consistent with my strength exercises.

Thank goodness for Kat's #AugustCoreFocus challenge and Under Armour's #SweatADay challenge to help keep my mind off what I couldn't do and stay focused on what I could do.

Here's a look at all the core and strength work I did this month.

After an easy 2 mile test run on Saturday, I was still feeling tenderness in my left leg which tells me I'm not ready to jump in where I left off earlier in the month. Heading into September, my plan is to keep working on strength training and patiently wait for the pain free running to return.


  1. You could add Jill into this post and it would be prefect. No running, rethinking goals, a lot of strength training and patiently waiting! I just joined 2 challenges to keep me focused :)

  2. That's what I'll be doing too...challenges are such a helpful distraction! Good luck!

  3. Oh bummer! Missed you at the NH 10 Miler. Your leg definitely would not have been happy with all the hills. Yowza! Hope you find some answers and get back to running asap!

  4. I am so sorry. I understand how frustraing it is to not know what si causing your pain and to have to defer races because of it. I really hope you are able to get a diagnosis soon.

  5. Oh Amy how frustrating! I'm so sorry you have no answers yet. Huge props to you for keeping up your strength work!

  6. WoW! Look at you work those abs. They must be as strong as rebar! Sorry about the injury. And congrats on all that mileage, too!

  7. You had an amazing month despite the run issues! Great job girl! And I hope the pain free running returns soon. So frustrating you don't know why you're having pain. :-(

  8. Bummer about the injury. Nothing more frustrating than test after test with no answers. Hope you can find something out soon!


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