Monday, September 16, 2013

Training Truths: ZOOMA Week 10

Another week has gone by and I'm still not back to running. Instead of training for the ZOOMA Cape Cod half marathon, I downgraded my registration to the 10K (in the off chance that I might be able to run 6.2 miles just 2 weeks from now).

For now, it is more PT, lots of strength, and testing the hamstrings on smaller runs. I am again using challenges to help keep me motivated and focused while working to get back into my running shoes. Another thing to love about challenges is that some have prizes. Like this great Brooks Running hat I received from the #AugustCoreFocus challenge with Kat.

Monday - 50 squats and I broke out the weights for single leg dead lifts.

Tuesday - 50 squats in the morning. My afternoon workout consisted of horizontal pull ups, the 4 minute ninja ab workout and the knee strength workout I mentioned last week. Then I tried a new one from the Lorna Jane Challenge: Good Morning Circuit.

Wednesday - The usual morning 50 squats. After work I had to get a physical and then went straight to  PT. I was tired, so it turned into a rest day.

Thursday - 50 squats. After work I did some reverse table top crunches, single leg squat jumps, planks, and a slow, tender two mile treadmill run at the suggestion of my PT. As much as I wanted this to be pain free, I'm realizing that the healing process cannot be rushed.

Friday - My hamstrings were tender following my short run, but I still did my 50 squats in the morning. When I got home from work I did the Love Your Legs workout from Lorna Jane before heading to another session of PT.

Saturday - I started the day with happier hamstrings and 50 squats. Later I did some planks and jump rope jacks. My PT told me to take it easy after the ART session we had on Friday. I'm not taking any chances!

Sunday - This was rode trip day to Connecticut for a soccer clinic with my step daughter. Before we left I did my 50 squats and a handstand challenge. While at UNC, we walked around campus for a bit to stretch out our legs from the 3 hour car ride.

Off to PT now and hopeful for some more improvement. Maybe I'll even try another run tomorrow!

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  1. So sorry to hear your hamstrings are still not cooperating. You're doing a great job keeping up with the strength training. Hang in there!


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