Saturday, January 11, 2014

How Runners Can #TurnItGreen and Win $5000!

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More and more I'm hearing talk about how we can help the planet through recycling.

In my house we recycle all the time. I live in a town where recycling is heavily encouraged and residents take their trash to a transfer station for sorting. At the school where I work, students and faculty are also encouraged to recycle.

Runners can follow some simple tips to go green too!

#TurnItGreen X Games contest: UPDATED!! Dates: Jan. 17 - Feb. 2.
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To celebrate the X Games, REPREVE invites you to share how you "turn it green", or how you live a more sustainable life by recycling or reusing materials, by sharing an image or video on Twitter, Instagram or Vine with the #TurnItGreen hashtag to be eligible.

Once you share the image or video with the hashtag, you will be entered into a sweepstakes where five entries will be randomly selected as the Top Five. Those five will be voted on by visitors to Repreve[dot]com where the image or video with the most votes will win a $5,000 cash prize. The other four video entries will receive a REPREVE Jacket and a Go-Pro camera (retail valued at over $350). More info available here.

**If you submitted an entry before Jan. 17, REPREVE is asking you to resubmit your entry**

How will you #TurnItGreen?

Now let me say congratulations to the REPREVE green beanie giveaway winner: 
Louise Bourque Cunningham 
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  1. Great tips! I love the beanie -- looks so cute on you!

  2. Thanks for sharing this awesome giveaway to #turnitgreen from Repreve!

  3. Aaahhhh this is so important! I feel so passionately about this, and I am so glad to see you do too! Not enough runners are conscious of their impact on the environment as we see ourselves as innocent as we do not use that much equipment or drive to our runs, BUT the amount of water bottles people go through and throw in the trash makes me cringe! Posts like yours are so important! Great post!!! #TurnItGreen thanks Repreve! Would love to help out!

  4. I'm a heavy reuser & recycler. I'm that person that if I see rubbish on the street when I'm walking home, I will pick it up and put it in my bin when I get home.
    I have a compost as well, so all my food waste goes there. I love it, I produce very little 'rubbish' waste. Infact my recycle bin fills up quicker than my household bin, and even though the bin gets collect every week, I could put it out ever month, I don't obviously for smell issues.
    I help where I can. We only have one planet, one place to live, we should take care of it.
    So I ranted on.


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