Monday, January 20, 2014

Training Truths: Under-the-Weather

After coming off a runner's high from my latest long run, I spent most of last week feeling under-the-weather. Ironically, it was an awesome weather week here in New Hampshire, but I was dealing with a below-the-neck chest-thingy which meant no running (plus I had ZERO energy to even try).

from Women's Running

Monday - Thursday: All through the January Thaw, the only thing I could muster was some stretching and foam rolling.

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After a brief conversation with my running watch on Friday, I finally put on my running shoes.

Instead of aimlessly running on the treadmill while watching episodes of Friends, I decided to try a new treadmill audio workout via an invitation extended to FitFluential Ambassadors from Motion Traxx. The Treadmill Express workout features special workout music paired with audio coaching that makes you feel like you have a coach right in the room with you.

Workout #1 is a 20 minute workout broken up into 4 stages: a 2 minute warmup, 12 minutes of hills & valleys, 40/20 Tabata inspired sprints, and a 2 minute cool down. It was an intense cardio blast that kicked my butt! Motion Traxx also offers Cycle Express and Elliptical Express workouts.

This week Saturday SurfSet became Saturday Surf and Turf. This split class allowed more people to participate with 25 minutes of #SurfSet and 25 minutes of #BootCamp. The class size increased to two groups of 9 that rotated between the two workouts. They did this because SurfSet has gotten so popular and there was a wait list again. I'd much rather do Surf and Turf than get closed out of a class!

After a very snowy ride home, I jumped on the treadmill to run some #megsmiles to honor Meg Menzies who was tragically killed while out on her morning run last week. I tried another Motion Traxx Treadmill Express workout.

Workout #2 is another 20 minute session divided into 4 stages: 2 minute warmup, 12 minute progression hill work, 6x20/20 sprints, and a 2 minute cool down. This is hands-down HARD work, kids. Get it. If you are looking for a way to challenge yourself on the treadmill, you need it.

My long run on Sunday was a bit of an adventure. It started snowing during the first four miles making the roads too slippery to continue, so I ran the second 4 miles on the treadmill.

How do you decide whether to workout or not when you're not feeling well?


  1. If my body feels like it can run I run. If it doesn't I take that as a sign that I shouldn't run and I don't. Does that make sense?

  2. I usually go with my body too. It takes a lot to make me skip a run, so I usually listen if I'm feeling that badly.

    I love your smile after your run!

  3. seriously I still can't get over your winter pic from instagram, you look phenomenal! :) I tend to rest one day then I decide it's time to sweat it out, ha!

  4. Great work this week girl. All the snow and ice here has really been doing a number on my back. So I think more treadmill runs are in order for me!

  5. That first picture of you is cute! I love looking at snow pictures ( yes, just in Pictures,,haha). Seems a lot of people were feeling under the weather this week. I never push myself, (maybe I'm stretching the truth just a little), just listen to your body and rest if you have too!

  6. If I'm not running, then I only like to look at it too!

  7. Aww, be safe! Hopefully winter will be short this year!

  8. I know what you mean. Better safe than sorry!

  9. Aww, thanks Amanda! It is easy to get restless. I almost ran on Wednesday, but my husband reminded me to take it easy. I'm glad he did!

  10. Thanks! That's kind of how I was feeling this week - I hate to miss my runs!

  11. I do my best to listen to my body...and not my mind...because I know my mind will want to train lol

  12. I am so jealous you went to one of those surfing classes! I would love to try those! I loved surfing when I was in Cali!

    I think the flow chart you used is a great method. Due to my body being so used to the intensity of the training, I will usually run unless it is debilitating, but I will keep it easy until I am sure the sickness is completely gone, sometimes pushing my workouts or long runs up to 3 days away. It is always better to be smart about it, than take 3 steps backwards! You did the right thing :)


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