Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My 2014 Bucket List

Welcome to 2014!

When putting together my goals for the new year, I started by looking at the past. I can't change what did or didn't happen, but I can look forward and focus on new achievements I'd like to make.

So after thinking long and hard, here are my 2014 goals:

Keep running - Am I crazy to go chasing 1000 again?? I'm pretty sure I learned my lesson about listening to my body, so I'm ready to set my sights on that evasive number again.

Run at least 2 new races - This year I'll be joining Team Too Vicious and Delicious for  Reach The Beach MA in May. I have a couple of other new races on my list of possibilities, but nothing definite yet.

Complete a race in a new state - I'd love to find a race to do while in Florida over February vacation, but it's hard when I won't be there on a weekend. My other options include Vermont or Connecticut.

Try at least 2 new fitness activities - Through my membership in Blog & Tweet NH, I found and fell in love with SurfSet and Booty Barre classes. I still want to try Stand Up Paddle Boarding and maybe even Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga.

Get coaching certification - I'm hoping to connect with other New Englanders to earn my coaching certification through an RRCA course in the Spring.

Make healthy food choices - When I gave up wheat, I began to really learn about food, started following WIAW, and discovered quinoa. I love finding new ways to use it, especially in old recipes. Here's an easy recipe where I swapped out macaroni to make cheesy tuna quinoa:

What's on your 2014 bucket list?


  1. I hope you get those 1000 miles you want this year! I like easy recipes and will have to try yours soon. You could toss in your favorite vegetables. That would make a good lunch!

  2. I'm going for 1500 miles this year! I also am aiming for run coach certification. Fingers crossed we get it in NH (and we make it in since they fill up quick)!

  3. You can definitely go for the 1,000 miles again- I find each year it's easier to go a little higher, our bodies are constantly adapting to the stress we put on them! Love that you want to get RRCA certified, too!

  4. SUP yoga is on my 2014 list too, but I'm pretty scared - let's see if I actually do it, ha! Great list here - you're going to have a wonderful year.

  5. You can definitely reach 1000 miles in 2014! And, you should try SUP-it is SO much fun, and a great workout! Did you know that you can rent them at EMS for $25 for a full day rental? Totally worth it! Let me know if you want to meet for a run on the Peterborough bike path sometime this summer and we could rent boards at the EMS here and I can take you to my favorite place to kayak and paddle board!

  6. Happy New Year!!!!! You've got this for sure. I think you will LOVE SUP.

  7. That is a big BUCKET! Go get it... all the best to you for a wonderful 2014!

  8. I love your goals! And that team name is too funny! Some day I'd like to do one of those races, but probably not this year. I need to find more "runner friends"...nobody I hang out with is into that kind of thing and I'm sure they get sick of me talking about it. LOL

  9. Wahoo!! This bucket list rocks :) My bucket list is HUGE and definitely includes going to a few blogger conferences!!

  10. I LOVE Stand Up Paddle Boarding. Like BIG Love! Great bucket list.

  11. Sounds like a lot of good things coming up for you! I've always wanted to try SUP too but haven't yet...hopefully this year!

  12. I need to start running. Last year I said I was going to run 350 miles by December 31st. I ran a little more than 20 miles. This year I'm not going to set a specific number of miles as my goal, but I am going to set a goal of running a certain number of days per week. The hardest part will be the fact that I have been barred from high impact activity until further notice. So that means I'm restricted to an elliptical, and that is *not* the machine to use if I want to run races in the spring. I can easily go 3 or 4 miles on an elliptical, but barely 1/2 a mile on the road. So frustrating.

    -Stephanie from


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