Friday, June 13, 2014

Five Races I'd Love to Run Again

Lately I've been thinking about some of the races that I would love to do again. Ones that I haven't had a chance to do more than once yet. 

Since this week's Friday Five from CynthiaCourtney, and Mar has an open theme, I picked the five races I would definitely do again if I had the chance.

Pell Bridge Run - You know I love Newport, RI and running across the bridge as the sun was rising was one of the coolest moments ever. The early bird start time (6:30 AM) and the logistics of getting to the point-to-point starting line has kept this one off the schedule for a few years, but it may be time to do it again soon.

Flying Pig Half Marathon - If I could go home to Cincinnati every year to run this race, I would. What can be better than a hometown visit and a race all in one weekend?

Cape Cod Ragnar Relay - I loved, loved, loved running on the Cape. The hills were killer, but the views were amazing. Plus, staying over after the race on the Cape is the best recovery!

NYC Half - This race takes you through all the best parts of NYC: Central Park, Times Square, and along the Hudson to Battery Park. The entire weekend of sight-seeing, shopping, and attending the expo was so much fun. I'd definitely love a repeat.

Rock-n-Roll (Providence) - This was my first half marathon ever in 2011. I've actually done it twice, but Providence is no longer a tour city. Weekends in Providence were always fun, but this is one that just has sentimental value.

Do you have a race you would like to run again? 

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