Monday, June 23, 2014

Training Truths: It's Summer!

Wow! Did you feel that heat arrive? This week started with an abrupt reminder that summer is officially descending upon us. I don't mind getting sweaty, in fact I kind of like it, but running in the high temperatures has always been a challenge for me.

This year, I'm trying to not get hung up on the slower paces as my body adjusts to the warmer weather. So, as I continued to run outside during this last week of school, I tried to embrace the activity and not worry about the data!

Monday - 30 minute walk at lunch, side lunge jumps, two Tabata ab workouts (see here & here).

Tuesday - A seriously steamy run after school with a co-worker and hanging knee-ups.

Wednesday - Busy, busy day! Morning planks then work, dinner, and graduation.

Thursday - MrC was home from three weeks of ground school, so I took the day off from running.

Friday - Driveway workouts after my last day of school: step-up knee-ups, lunge jumps, and abs.

Saturday - 4 mile run downtown on the Manchester Trail before SurfSet. I learned my lesson the last time I almost melted running after class. The weather was also on my side this time with a sunny but cooler than usual morning. It was a beautiful start to summer! Can we have more days like this?

Sunday - a little yoga and a World Cup Workout. I really didn't need this to keep my heart rate up; what an exciting USAvPOR game!

Planks - 1 minute everyday!!

How did you ring in the official start to summer?

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