Monday, June 2, 2014

Training Truths: 4 Ways to Stay Motivated

Last week mrC left for ground school and will be gone for three weeks. One of the hardest parts about having him gone is facing run days and still getting myself out the door...alone.

Tuesday - Beyond the fact that mrC wasn't around, there were lots of reasons I was tempted to put off this run: questionable weather, busy day at work, hunger...but I changed into running clothes and that helped get me out the door. Even though my legs felt heavy, I'm happy with my run and excited that my fast last mile streak continued one more run! (9:24, 9:09, 9:15, 8:55)

Thursday - Considered putting this run off until Friday until I saw the weather forecast. Running on a gorgeous day is far better than in a downpour, even if I was tired. While my legs were not happy with the hills, my final speedy mile streak continued! (9:18, 9:02, 9:27, 9:00). I felt so good after that I even did some planks (it's been awhile).

Saturday - After a fitful night's sleep, I woke up feeling sluggish. Worried I would be struggling at SurfSet, I drank some VEGA Sport Sugar-Free Energizer to help boost my energy for a better performance. It was just what I needed for an awesome workout.

Saturday - I cannot resist a run on the beautifully paved Manchester Trail, so even though I was running low on energy after SurfSet, I knew that the scenery of the trail would perk me up. Despite a major blunder when I paused my watch at a light and forgot to restart it, I was happy with my pace - even if my last mile wasn't super speedy this time (9:23, 9:23, 9:25, 9:11, 10:49, 9:37).

What quirky tricks do you use to keep yourself motivated?

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