Saturday, December 19, 2015

Holiday Sweat Challenge Week 5 & 6 Update

It doesn't seem like a good sign to be able to combine two weeks worth of fitness into one blog post. However, even though I was taking a break from running, I was still working on strength and anything else to make my muscles happy!

After four weeks of the Holiday Sweat Challenge and 63 days of a run streak, my legs told me to rest. I'd been treating a tight right calf knot for about a week when on my last run (day 63) I picked up on a little twinge in my left adductor.

Time for some serious rest. After two days off to start Holiday Sweat week 5 and doing nothing beyond walking and foam rolling, I pulled out the low impact workout cards. Here are some of the workouts I did:

Lower Body Blast - Amanda Miller
Happy Hips Yoga - Happy Fit Mama
Lose the Pooch Abs - Pop Sugar Fitness
Booty Hips - Amanda Miller
Hip Strength - Runner's World (July 2015)

By Sunday, I was feeling like it was time to test the legs. The only good thing about this run was that I ran. For the first .25 everything seemed ok, but then the familiar tightness in my right calf came back (although not painful). Worse though, was the painful trigger point in my left adductor, near my knee.

Needless to say, I was crushed. The weather has finally turned cool here in Shenzhen and I can't run. I knew that feeling sorry for myself wasn't going to get me anywhere, so I went for distractions. Some things that helped keep my mind off the failed return to running: a really good book and some really good tasting snacks!

Again, I started week 6 of the Holiday Sweat Challenge in rest-the-legs mode. I focused on foam rolling and yoga stretching for the first two days and then mixed up my low/medium impact workouts. Here's what those workouts looked like:

Hip Strength & Stabilty - Jasyoga
Cardio Drills - Booya
Dirty Dozen Arms - Your Path to Fit
Pilates Abs - Run to the Finish
Not So Easy Circuit - Booya

This morning I laced up my running shoes for another test of the legs. It was going ok, just a couple of twinges in the calf and adductor. I thought it was ok to run through it.

As I neared the two mile mark, my left knee kind of gave out a little. Startled, I stopped and walked a bit. Bending and flexing my left leg. It didn't hurt, so I gave it another try. A couple of steps later the same thing happened. Run over.

As I sit here typing and icing my knee, I have no idea what this means. My knee (which has had a hard life) is unstable and I need to figure out why...what can I do to help it...and how will it affect my fitness life.


Some of the workouts I mentioned are from Booya Fitness. Booya Fitness is an online gym. Your membership gets you access to a large variety of online classes that can be done at your convenience. There are also dozens of workout training plans available for a small fee.

I have teamed up with Booya to create a 4 week training plan that is perfect for the winter months, but can be done anytime of year. It is also a great cross training option for runners as the plan has options for 30+ minute runs. Take a look here.

Are you currently following a training plan?
How do you distract yourself when you're injured?

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