Monday, April 10, 2017

Blogged After Waiting Out the Clouds

My day started with a quick #30for30burpees session and then a Yoga with Adriene video to continue my 30 days of April yoga. There were a lot of chest opener poses today and it was exactly what my body needed. I love when the workout feels like it was tailor made for me.

I was hoping today would be the day to take my iSUP board out on the water, but I woke up to massive fog invading the island. It eventually passed or rose or whatever it is that fog does, but the day stayed gray and glooming. Not my idea of a good day for SUPing.

Because of the fog, I took the bus to the North Plaza for my Bodystep class. Normally I walk, but the bus got me there early enough to also pay the gas bill. Win. I left Bodystep in a massive heap of sweaty clothes, but it was worth it. 588 calories burned. And I walked home, continuing to get sweaty. You're welcome bus people.

Just because they added some color (and we needed color) I thought I would share my favorite food from the day  ---> strawberries!

Every time I thought about going for a walk, the sky looked like this. No thank you.

Crossing my fingers that tomorrow's weather will be better!


  1. Oh. That. Sky. Tho.
    I think I love it because it matches my mood this morning :-) but so so beautiful.

    1. It is rather beautiful to watch them roll in and out.

  2. What a view!!! We're also experiencing storms but they sure don't look like that!

    1. I love our view, usually. Not a fan of the clouds ;/


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