Sunday, April 9, 2017

Tough Run, Run Love and My Weekly Wrap

Today's run was a tough one.

75 degrees at run time with 83% humidity. It was M-U-G-G-Y! My legs told me so right away. They felt like lead. This was one of those runs where the hard is extra hard and you are tempted to throw in the towel, but then an easier part comes, so you hang in there. You hang in there because you love the run

This goes on for the whole run, the emotional flip-flopping. When the end comes, the actual end of the run (which in my case is at the top of a seriously big hill), it is all the more sweeter because you did hang in there. You did not give up because you love the run.

Run love. Running isn't always easy. You have to give it second chances. Those second chances make you happy.

Something else that makes me happy is Wearsafe. Today I finally had a chance to set it up and use it for the first time. The Wearsafe Tag clips onto my clothes and then I'm one click away from help if I ever need it. The set up was super easy too. A proper post is in the works. Stay tuned!

Besides fitness this week, I was pretty busy with my volunteer job with the American Women's Association. I have been working on the Hong Kong Hosts committee to help arrange ship support for the USS Makin Island that came to Hong Kong for some liberty this weekend.

In addition to helping coordinate the volunteers who were hosting activities for the service men and women, I also volunteered to greet the sailors as they came ashore. It was such a privilege to have been able to do this for them.

In other exciting news, we finalized storage arrangements with the Lantau Boat Club and took my iSUP board down to the beach. With mrC's help, we had it fully inflated in about 10 minutes. I was hoping to take it out for my first spin today, but the threat of rain kept me off the water.

Now here's my workout recap ---> I'm linking up with Tricia and Holly again for the Weekly Wrap!

Monday -  I kicked off the week with some yoga and Bodystep.

Tuesday - It was just an extraordinary day with more yoga and an awesome run. 

Wednesday - Ran some errands with mrC before he left on another trip. One stop was to Times Square, a multi-floor shopping mall with more than 230 stores ranging from mid-price to luxury brands. mrC headed to Columbia Sportswear and I headed to J.Crew for another pair of my new favorite shorts. No Gucci, Jimmy Choo or Fendi for us ;)

Thursday - I was supposed to hike, but after waking up not feeling well, I stayed home and eventually finished my ship support work.

Friday - Volunteered all day and crashed when I got home. 

Saturday - Little bit of a lazy day (mrC got home late Friday night) until we went down to the beach to inflate the iSUP.

Daily - #30for30burpees challenge ---> my big plan was to keep track of my time, but I have only remembered twice to start the timer on my watch! Ugh, so frustrating. What I can tell you so far is that is doesn't feel any easier. In fact some days my legs are heavy and it's been downright hard.


  1. Although I'm not playing the 30 burpees game, I can relate to them not getting any easier. I have noticed that happening with other exercises, and I think it's because as we get better at doing them, we subconsciously (?) make them more difficult by doing them faster/deeper, etc. At least that's my theory ;-)

    1. My time today (actually remembered to start the watch) was faster than the first day, so you are probably right. I guess getting faster is progress though. Win!

  2. I was going to do the 30/30 burpees but my coach said not right now...I have to listen to her because I'm kind of afraid of her...

  3. It's great that you're running more! How awesome that you got to greet service men and women!

    1. I would have done it every day if they needed more volunteers!

  4. Those hard-fought runs are always the most rewarding. Heat and humidity are my enemies so I feel you - great job getting it done!

    I never heard of Wearsafe - I'll have to check it out!

  5. Wow a blow up SUP now that is pretty dang cool! How much does it weigh? It looks like a lot. I have not joined in the 30 burpees, but I would imagine it would take some time for them to get any easier! I just hate it when my trainer makes me do them!
    I can't wait to hear more about this wearsafe gadget. It sure looks interesting.

    1. The board supposedly weighs 20ish pounds, but doesn't feel like it. It is much lighter than a regular board. It's very easy for me to carry with my paddle (and my upper body strength is pretty low! I think the 30 burpees will always feel hard because they're burpees!


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