Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Intense Circuits and Magazine Covers!

Since I didn't pass out while doing a portion of my workout outside yesterday, I thought I would do it again today. I knew it was going to be warm. The weather has been nothing less than intense here lately. However, I was hoping to find some amount of relief from a breeze because I was going to do my workout right outside our building at the windiest spot in Discovery Bay.

Except today there was no breeze. At all. mrC joined me and as soon as we stepped outside, it was like we walked into a sauna. We decided to tough it out. Behind our building is a play area with some benches. It's next to what can best be described as a side street although it's mainly used by golf carts.

The FWTFL workout was basically three parts:

Part 1 - HIIT circuit: four exercises (burpees, jump squats, push-ups and mountain climbers with a twist) broken up by 30 seconds runs repeated 3-5 times. We used the benches to do the exercises and then ran the 30 second runs on the street. It really worked out perfectly ---> minus that whole no breeze thing. We did three rounds and called it.

Part 2 - Ab circuit on steroids: 5 sets of weighted Russian twists, 5 sets of ab bicycles, and 4 sets of leg raises. We went inside for this part because I cannot lay down outside on the dirty ground. I was literally sweating from every body part including my knees! This part was tough and I wondered if I would make it through. I said something to mrC and he replied, "two more sets." And that kept me going.

Part 3 - The cool down: low intensity cardio. We went back outside for a walk. We ended up walking a mile loop. There still wasn't a breeze to speak of, but it felt good to be outside moving slowly. We practically had the streets to ourselves except for the occasional dog walker and one guy whizzing by us on his bike.

All of my workout gear was completely soaked in sweat when we stopped including my cute tropical shorts from GAP. I was less than thrilled that the windiest spot on DB wasn't windy at all. But, just like yesterday, it felt good to finish a tough workout. Tough by design and tough because of the heat.

In other news, the magazine article about the DB Ladies SUP group came out. It's a great article, but I didn't expect to see myself displayed on the cover! It's very weird to walk past this magazine stand at the entrance to our building and see myself.

We made the crazy decision to go out in the afternoon heat to pick up mrC's dry cleaning. A short walk to the plaza had us dripping in sweat and seeking refuge in the grocery. Ironically if you stay inside too long, you'll freeze by air conditioning. We had some time to kill before an unexpected appointment for a quick checkup with the doctor and there was finally a breeze blowing, so we relaxed at the plaza tables.

Low carb day 2 - the meals

Broke fast around 11:00 - I was hungrier today than yesterday.

Lunch - I have to admit, it was hard to resist adding Swiss cheese to my roll-ups.

Dinner - a little leftovers from last night plus a big salad

Do you ever use outdoor public areas for your workouts (besides running)?
What words motivate you to keep going during a tough workout?
Ever been on or in a magazine?

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  1. You're famous!!! How fun is that?

    Does it ever cool off in Hong Kong?

    1. Haha! It's certainly crazy! It feels a lot like Fall (low 60s) in January and February but there is usually a week or two in February where it might drop lower than that (I love those days!). Subtropical weather is mostly warm and humid, hot and rainy!

  2. I would be over the moon to look so good on a magazine cover!!!

    1. Thank you! The photographer did a great job, but I was 100% expecting a group shot!

  3. Wow you're a cover girl. What a great pic! It's been so humid and breezeless here too. Very tough to workout.

    1. I guess we shouldn't be surprised, it is August right?

  4. That's an awesome pic! I would be very proud of that.

    I once had an article published in a magazine (they approached me) -- long, long time ago.

    I hate it when they over air condition in hot climates. But I'm not sure I'd be taking my workout outside, either!

    1. I've always loved outdoor workouts, and now that we live in a tiny Hong Kong apartment there is really no space for indoor workouts except yoga. I miss my US basement ;) Was the article about you or did you write it? Either way, very cool!

  5. Wow - time to start your modeling career with you magazine cover! Fabulous.
    Great job on your super tough HIIT workout in the HOT weather.

  6. woot!!!!!! That's an awesome magazine cover! My biggest gripe about the hot summer weather is how frigidly freezing it is inside most buildings and stores. I always have to brig a cardigan to wear.

  7. Wow, how cool that you're on the magazine cover!!!

    Man, it it HOT there where you are.


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