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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sunday Runday Favorite Moments

If more than a week goes by between runs, I start to get anxious. I shared my last run with mrC and dC at the Cape on Instagram. I love running with the kiddos, but hate when it's the last one for awhile.

Fast forward to today. Tropical Storm Roke threatened Hong Kong this morning. Every few minutes a new alert would ring through the apartment: high wind warning, tropical storm warning, ferry service suspended. I knew that if I was going to run, I had to do it before the bad weather actually arrived.

Here are my Sunday Runday Favorite Moments:

2 miles using a 4:1 interval. This is such a big improvement for me. Not that long ago I was running 20 second intervals. PS ---> my face was on fire (almost as bright as my tank) because it was so humid!

Morning runs in our little neighborhood. Although the clouds were moving in quickly, it didn't rain at all during the run. Lots of people were out running and biking. We even saw the mad dash of people trying to get off the island before the ferry service stopped.

Neighborly doggie greetings. This little guy lives in the apartment next to ours. We usually only hear him greeting his owner, but today he said hi to us.

Lacing up my Mizunos. It always feels good, especially after a longer than normal break. (available on Amazon)

My running partner had a good run today. We probably would have made it to the top of the hill without stopping if I hadn't called for a walk break. His Mizunos are pretty sweet too (shown here in red).

Post run breakfast. Gluten-free protein pancakes. I use Bob's Red Mill pancake mix and add in BRM protein powder. Easy peasy and oh so yummy!

Biofreeze! My right bicep is soooo sore that I had to try this. It isn't a miracle worker, but it definitely allowed me to straighten my arm without bursting into to tears! (great price on Amazon)

Today was a great way to end my quieter than normal week ---> quick recap:

Monday - Got in an airplane in the US...

Tuesday - Got out of an airplane in Hong Kong (we lose a day when we return)

Wednesday - took a walk

Thursday - took a walk

Friday - Bodypump!

Saturday - Active recovery yoga

Tomorrow I'm diving back into carb cycling eating and workouts 100% to make up for my two weeks at the Cape. I'll be sharing my results after that.

BTW - it barely rained today. The tropical storm fell apart as it got closer, so by 2:00 things were back to normal around here.

Today I'm linking up with Tricia and Holly for the Weekly Wrap!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Wrapping up the Week with a Mother's Day 5K and Does this Happen to You?

It took me two tries to get my run started, but I did it.

Attempt #1 - My morning motivation has been zapped a little knowing how humid it is. Once I did make it out the door and down 20 floors, it was sprinkling. I run with my phone, so I had to head back up to grab something to carry it in.

Attempt #2 - Armed with my Flipbelt, I headed out with my goal set to run a 5K.

Today's run wasn't easy. As I started I told myself to slow down so I wouldn't fizzle like I did on my last run. It felt like I did but my split, 9:56, shows that in fact I was speedy again. My splits also show that I continued to slow down over the last two miles (10:11 and 11:33).

I played around with my intervals again. I kept the timer set at 2:1 minutes. I ran mostly all the flats and ups, and walked the downs. I kept this up until the last mile when I started following the timer more especially up the big hill ---> it's a 121ft gain over a little more than half a mile. I ran that slower than my average 11:14.

My overall pace was faster by 2 seconds and one of my best in more than a year. This taking things slowly and running intervals is really working. I'm looking forward to running with the girls at the Cape in July.

The humidity made me dig deep today. You know your body is warm when it feels like your face is on fire. After my post-run stretching, I took a cold shower and then made a smoothie. Best post-run treat: cold protein.

Does this happen to you?

Humidity makes me sweat. Big time. All that sweat runs down my body and soaks my shorts. I hate the feeling of wet shorts and worrying that I look like I peed my pants. (like in the top pic. Ugh!) I'm pretty sure it's just something I have to live with, but I wish I could find a solution.

Here's a look at the rest of my week: Linking up with Tricia and Holly for the Weekly Wrap!

Monday - Body Attack Aerobics and some pool time

Tuesday - Chiropractor for lots of myfascial manipulation and microcurrent stimulation on my shoulder ---> finally starting to feel better.

WednesdayMorning run and an evening at the horse races

Thursday - Beach day with friends

Friday - Hiking in Macau

Saturday - rest

Oh, and I'm considering this my Mother's Day 5K medal ;) Happy Mother's Day to all the moms, step moms, God moms, mrMoms, fur baby moms!

If you run with your phone, how do you carry it?
What's your favorite way to cool down after a hot/humid run?
Any suggestions on how to stop the sweaty-pants?


Sunday, September 20, 2015

Yoga and Running with Friends

Even though I was tired, I stayed busy this weekend.

On Saturday, I was thinking about skipping yoga until my friend texted me that she was going to go too. I took it as a sign that I was meant to go to yoga. Isn't it funny how things work out that way?

It was another Hatha class with the same instructor, but much easier than the first one I took. It was still challenging, for ME, but not as hard. If you've ever been to a yoga class, you probably know what I mean.

Today I met up with two friends for #SundayRunday. There's always a nice view of the marina.

The humidity is back, but we still laced up and got out there for a nice and easy 3.5 miles. It feels really good to finish a tough run.

Keeping the promise to myself, I planked after my run. Some days it is harder to do this than others. Today was one of those days,

I spent the afternoon shopping and came home with a little present for my feet. This brand new pair of Skechers GOwalk2 Super Breathe are like pillows on my feet. I can't wait to try them out on the SWIC hike tomorrow.

How was your weekend?
Have you ever tried Skechers?

Sunday, September 13, 2015

#SundayRunday and What I Love About Strava

Today was one of those days where it wasn't easy to get up early and go for a run. Having a date to run with friends helps.

Before getting out the door, I did some warmups and stretches. This is a new one from the chiropractor that is great on the glutes, but makes my lower back feel good too. I think it's just a standing pigeon pose.

The girls and I got to see the end of sunrise along the waterfront and enjoy the newly planted trees at a new apartment complex. We also enjoyed comfortable temps in the high 70s for all 3.5 miles! It still felt like 85, but it was the first time I saw temps below 80 since moving to China in May.

I've always been a Nike Running fan. I have the Nike+ GPS watch and use the Nike Running app. Most of my running friends are using Strava and lately I've been checking it out.

There are 4 things that I really like about Strava:

1. The Feed. I can follow my friends and see their workouts.

2. The Kudos. Giving and getting high fives is awesome-ness.

3. The Groups. Because it's about finding and loving your tribe, right?

4. The Best Efforts. Instantly see what was good about each run (even when it felt like crap!).

I'll still use my Nike (until I get a newer, bigger, better running watch) because I can't leave all that running data behind!

What did you do on Sunday Runday? run, race, rest?
Are you on Strava?

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Sunday, September 6, 2015

#SundayRunday: The theme of the day is SWEATY

The problem with telling people you are going to run, is that when you're thinking about skipping because it feels like 93 degrees, they text you and want to meet up. Runner problems.

I met my friend outside our entrance gates where the locals meet up to exercise. I love watching them.

I took us on a route that I wanted to check out as an option for the running group because it will let people stop after about 1.5 miles if they want or keep going.

Most of the route is in the shade, at least at 7AM. We ran into one construction area blocked off and got redirected toward some steps. Running stairs is good for you though, right?

Keeping my promise to myself, I did my post-run planks plus day 6 for the plank challenge.

A day in China wouldn't be complete without walking. mrC and I walked to the cleaners and then stopped at the store. In case you missed it, here in China the humidity is high and the air movement is low. If we're lucky we walk into a tunnel of wind coming off the water. Of course we have to stop and enjoy it.

We did get to ride the bus and the metro today to get to church, but we were still a sweaty mess by the time we got there.

After church we had our second chiropractor appointments. More adjustments and more Stick rolling on the IT bands. I'm pretty sure I was sweating through the pain, but it helps to have someone else do it.

When we finally made it back to the apartment, mrC installed my new bike bell.

Do you run steps as part of your training?
Are you a Stick user?