Sunday, September 6, 2015

#SundayRunday: The theme of the day is SWEATY

The problem with telling people you are going to run, is that when you're thinking about skipping because it feels like 93 degrees, they text you and want to meet up. Runner problems.

I met my friend outside our entrance gates where the locals meet up to exercise. I love watching them.

I took us on a route that I wanted to check out as an option for the running group because it will let people stop after about 1.5 miles if they want or keep going.

Most of the route is in the shade, at least at 7AM. We ran into one construction area blocked off and got redirected toward some steps. Running stairs is good for you though, right?

Keeping my promise to myself, I did my post-run planks plus day 6 for the plank challenge.

A day in China wouldn't be complete without walking. mrC and I walked to the cleaners and then stopped at the store. In case you missed it, here in China the humidity is high and the air movement is low. If we're lucky we walk into a tunnel of wind coming off the water. Of course we have to stop and enjoy it.

We did get to ride the bus and the metro today to get to church, but we were still a sweaty mess by the time we got there.

After church we had our second chiropractor appointments. More adjustments and more Stick rolling on the IT bands. I'm pretty sure I was sweating through the pain, but it helps to have someone else do it.

When we finally made it back to the apartment, mrC installed my new bike bell.

Do you run steps as part of your training?
Are you a Stick user? 

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