Thursday, September 17, 2015

Thursday Truths

Keeping this post short and simple. Focusing on the positives.

Truth: Thursday mornings are becoming one of my favorites. I love lacing up my running shoes and heading out to meet-up with other runners.

Truth: Getting a running group started takes time. It was week #2 for the running group. There were fewer of us today but two new members came out.

Truth: Post run smoothies are better than water. Today's smoothie might not have been super healthy, but we are working on that with a local restaurant. Stay tuned.

Truth: The name Posture Pump scares me. However, the thing is amazing. It has worked wonders on my neck. I'm feeling confident that my American chiropractor in China knows what he is doing.

Truth: Crockpot BBQ chicken is the bomb. I cooked yesterday (if you call throwing ingredients into the crockpot cooking...and I do) and am having leftovers today.

Tell me a truth from your day!
Do you like crockpot cooking?

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