Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Treadmill Tuesday: 10 More Minutes

This song makes me want to kick ass at life every time I hear it.

Today it inspired me to stay on the treadmill 10 minutes longer than I had planned. I was nearing the end of my 30 minute run when it came up on my playlist. My knee was feeling good, so I went for it.

"The only way you can know / Is give it all you have"

I believe I owned my run today!

Immediately after my run, I went right into plank work. Challenge day 8: side plank reach through 5x each side, plus timed side planks. Then I timed my standard and got a NEW PB!

Can you see the bead of sweat on my forehead?!?

I finished up my workout with 10 laps in the pool then biked it home. Love mixing things up.

What songs inspire you?
Do you mix up your workouts or stick to one activity at a time?

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