Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Treadmill Tuesday: Progression Run

I saw this on Facebook and it describes exactly how I feel any day that I don't run.

It was even worse yesterday when a red rainfall warning cancelled the weekly SWIC hike and schools too. The warning says that enough rain has fallen to flood the streets making it dangerous to be out, even in cars.

After taking the day off from fitness, I was really looking forward to today's run. Tuesdays mean SWIC coffee at the Hilton. I don't mind chatting with friends and having a snack before heading upstairs to the fitness center.

A lot of runners use progression runs to increase their overall speed. I like them because they help me increase my endurance. I always have a better run when I start off at a comfortable pace in the beginning and slowly increase.

Here's how my progression looked today.

Treadmills make progression runs easy for me and I'm feeling really good about this one.

Other things making me happy today:

Swimming. The best way to cool off.

Very large Fuji apples. My favorite.

SWIC Running Group becomes official.

Finding good ideas for post run snacks.

How do you feel on rest days?
Do you use progression runs in your training?
What's making you happy today?

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