Saturday, September 5, 2015

Sweaty Saturday: Hatha Yoga + More in Pictures

I eased into my Sweaty Saturday because my very first yoga class in China wasn't until 9:00. After a small breakfast and some coffee, I was off to meet my friend Young.

The studio was already bustling with activity (which I thought was a good sign) and after a little confusion at the door over shoes, we were directed to room #2 for Hatha class.

The website describes Hatha as:
The most ancient, complete and popular form of yoga for mental and physical health.  Hatha yoga with simply yoga breath and deep relaxation to finish.  This class is perfect for those who are new to yoga or just want a gentle stretch.
A gentle class, ideal for beginners, that focuses on sun salutations, the 12 basic Shivananda postures and a final deep relaxation. The basic asanas in the Shivananda sequence are traditional postures that have been practised for centuries.
When we entered the room, our instructor waved us and one other new girl to the front and told us her English was not very good so she would only be speaking Chinese during instruction. Not what I was expecting, but ok. I can watch and imitate. Then she added that most of the class were regulars, so there might be some poses that we couldn't do. Again, no big deal.

Our instructor was very helpful during the class, often coming over to us (and others) to adjust our poses. But since the class had mostly repeat, experienced participants, she included many challenging and some difficult poses. Even though there were several that I couldn't do at all, I still had a good workout and can now work on improving.

After class mrC and I had lunch.

Cheesy quinoa and tuna

I read a little.

We ran some errands and bought some pre-cooked corn for dinner.

Gluten free Skyline chili spaghetti :)

After dinner we walked for Gelato.

We stopped at our favorite bike store for a new bell for my bike.

The weather tonight was so nice. Nice enough to run. If I ran at night.

Have you ever taken a "beginner" class that wasn't?
Are you a morning or evening runner?

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