Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Took My DOMS to the Dubai Marina Walk & Burj Al Arab

After Monday's strength workout, DOMS hit my legs. So instead of taking my usual Tuesday run, I took an active rest day at the Dubai Marina Walk.

The Dubai Marina Walk offers 7K of public walkways, a perfect place to lunch and keep my sore legs moving.

We took a taxi through the city and were awed by the beautiful architecture and the towering buildings. They were everywhere including surrounding the marina.

We spent about an hour just walking around enjoying the beautiful weather and scenery. It reminded us a lot of the River Walk in San Antonio only bigger, less crowded, and definitely a better breeze!

Over 200 restaurants, all with outdoor seating options, line the Marina Walk. So it took us a while to decide where we were having lunch.

Neither one of us have a wide-range of international tastes, but we do like Mexican food!

I ordered the Chicken Quesadilla, my favorite menu item and one of my non-GF splurges.

And you can't sit outside next to the water without ordering a strawberry daiquiri. It just isn't right.

After lunch we took a taxi to the Burj Al Arab. This is one of the more unusual buildings in Dubai.

We wanted to go up and take pictures, but we couldn't get past the security gate. The only way to get up close is to book a room or a restaurant reservation. See, it's a luxury hotel...and we're cheap :)

How do you relieve DOMS?

Do you prefer indoor or outdoor seating?

Monday, April 13, 2015

Strength Training in Dubai

I could positively become spoiled by the hotel breakfast buffet. I've had watermelon four days in a row. Multiple servings of watermelon. It's so good.

The last time I did any strength training was more than two weeks ago in New Hampshire at SurfSet class. Yesterday seemed like a good time to get back at it, so I made my way back to the fitness center.

I hopped on the bike for a 10 minute warm up. Ever since physical therapy for my knee, I like using the bike as a warm up for strength training.

The fitness center is stocked with a variety of hand weights, mats, and stability balls and with three other people working out, it seemed like a perfect time to do some Tabata exercises.

I forgot my Gymboss interval timer in the room and had to improvise with my phone to time my exercises. It worked.

Today's Strength Workout 
(using weights 5-10 lbs): 
10 minute bike warmup
:30 hamstring curls 
:30 weighted squats
:30 weighted front lunges
:30 squats jumps
:30 alt. side lunges
:30 weighted squats
:30 arm circles
:30 knee push ups
:30 overhead press
:30 tricep floor dips
:30 knee push ups
:30 bicep curls
(:10 second rest between each exercise)

Yowie. My legs are going to be feeling that for awhile. I probably should've eased into the weights instead of getting all excited like a kid in a candy store. I probably also should have spent more time stretching.

Afterwards, I took advantage of pool again and swam some laps. I wish I knew how many laps I swam the day before so I could tell if I improved any or not. Oh well, a goal for next time.

Today, I'm taking the day off (for my legs) and some sight-seeing after lunch with mrC!

How do you recover from post-workout sore muscles?

My First Dubai Workout & It's a Small World

Yesterday started with breakfast at the hotel. The buffet has five stations that basically offer: breads, hot foods, cereals, cold cuts/salad, fruits, and yogurts.

After breakfast mrC went to class and about an hour later I went to the fitness center for my first run in Dubai. It is really hot here and since I hadn't yet figured out the dress code for running in public, I opted to do my 30 minutes on the treadmill.

It felt so good to run, even if it was inside. My goal is to keep my focus on time, especially as I get used to the different climate here in Dubai and eventually China.

And just because, the I'm-so-happy-I-just-ran #runfie.

After my run, I continued my workout in the pool. Although my swimming endurance needs some work, it felt really good to be in the pool. After about an hour of swimming and sunning, I was tired.

I went back to the room, blogged a little, and had a protein bar for lunch. Then I took a nap :)

It's such a small world sometimes! Before dinner I had a date with Sarah's (Run Far Girl) mom! Sarah put me in touch with her mom who lives here in Dubai. She generously shared tips and suggestions for what to do and how to get around Dubai while we are here.

For dinner mrC and I went to Deira City Center Mall for dinner at Texas Roadhouse! My appetite has been a little off from traveling (I guess), so even though I ate a lot less than normal, the bbq chicken was really good.

Do you like to swim? 
Does traveling affect your appetite?

Sunday, April 12, 2015

We Made It To Dubai!

Ahh, it feels good to blog again! (warning! lots of pictures in this post!)

Since leaving New Hampshire on the last day of March, the days have been speeding by. We filled our cars with what we will need in China that fit into four suitcases, our Cape Cod bikes for vacation in August, and the dog.

First stop in Springfield, MA to visit with mrC's family, celebrate his mom's birthday, and leave our favorite running buddy in loving hands. We will be back in August to get Booney for our Cape Cod vacation.

Man, I miss him!

Next stop in Cincinnati where we visited with friends and family, and went to the Reds Opening Day Parade (practically a holiday in Cincy!).

They won!

After 10 days of no running (and a lot of eating and drinking), I finally squeezed in a 25 minute run. Between the days off, the food, and the humid weather, this run sucked but it felt amazing to be out there.

2.5 miles at my mom's favorite park

On our last morning we had breakfast with some of my family before my mom drove us to the airport.

Pics with my mom, dad and stepmom, and aunt 

Our flight out of Cincinnati was delayed four times. Our plane was late because of bad weather pretty much all over the midwest. Once the plane arrived, we got on only to be sent back to the gate because of lightening and hail. We made our connection in DC, but ended up being grounded there for about 45 minutes. 13 hours and two movies later we were in Dubai.

We woke up on our first day in Dubai at about 2AM and explored around the hotel. We had a buffet breakfast, lunch at the mall across the street and went for a swim before taking an afternoon nap. We picked up some dinner at a small grocery down the block and spent the evening trying to FaceTime/Skype with the kids and our parents.

We're staying in Dubai for a couple of weeks for mrC to attend refresher classes and I'm hoping to squeeze in as much tourist activities as possible around his schedule!

Have you ever been to Dubai?
Do you prefer warm or cold weather running?

Monday, March 30, 2015

Packing Up and Working Out

Today is our last day in New Hampshire and for the past week I've been cramming in as much fitness fun as I can around my last days of teaching and packing. So many people went out of their way to help me get ready for the move and to say such kind things to me.

After spending Monday and Tuesday telling my classes that I was moving, it was really nice to run a few miles with the Run Club and work off some of the emotions.

Run Club date with littleC

I spent the week working with my substitute and was surprised by several farewell moments from the faculty and students.

Friday night I went to the #GMMRTT free yoga session at Diamond Fit Diva in Manchester and then stopped for some drinks at LaCaretta after.

Photo credit: GMMRTT 

As usual I spent my Saturday morning with TI Fitness at #SurfnTone class. We did so many squats that my legs are still sore today. I'm going to really miss these classes until we come back to visit.

Saturday afternoon my stylist was able to squeeze me in for an early color, cut, and wax before heading out of town. It's going to be tough to find someone who "gets my hair" in China.

My last #SundayRunday was spent running a 6 miler with a group of runners from #GMMRTT. Our runs have been so fun and make the miles fly by. I'm so happy I could spend it with these awesome ladies.

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I will be spending the rest of today packing and doing last minute errands before we head out to spend a few days with my in-laws in Massachusetts and my family in Ohio. There won't be a lot of time for fitness, but I'm going to squeeze it in whenever I can!

Do you have any packing tips I could use?