Friday, August 2, 2013

Where I Run: Loveland Bike Trail

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I'm linking up with some of my running blogger friends to showcase some of the places we spend time in our running shoes. As runners, we run all over the place. Sometimes we return to the same routes out of convenience or because we fall in love with them. Some places we never go back to or only get to experience once.

I thought it would be fun to highlight one of the places I have run recently. Last week I was back home in Cincinnati trying to squeeze in my training runs while visiting my family and friends. While looking for a place to run near my Gpa's, my stepdad asked if I'd ever run the Loveland Bike Trail.

The Loveland Bike Trail is part of the Little Miami Scenic Trail which makes up 78 miles of the southern leg of the Ohio to Erie Trail. Like many of the trails near where I live in New Hampshire, the Little Miami Scenic Trail follows an old railroad bed.

There are many trailheads, but we decided to access the trail from Miami Riverview Park because there would be easy parking and restrooms available. We were not disappointed. The park was empty because it was a rainy morning, but the restrooms were open and clean.

A path led us right out of the park and across the road connecting directly to the trail. Most of the trail was a paved flat path through lush green vegetation. Every so often we caught glimpses of the Little Miami River,  or passed by smaller play areas, and picnic areas.

The trail passed through downtown historic Loveland where we found restaurants offering outdoor seating along the trail, bike rentals, and shopping. There was also access to public restrooms and smaller parks.

We ran an easy paced out and back 8 miles on the trail. After changing into dry clothes in those incredibly clean park restrooms, we made our way back to downtown Loveland to have brunch at Paxton's Grille right of the trail. You know you're in a good place when they go ahead and serve you breakfast even though it's technically now lunch. I'd love to go back and sit outside on a sunny day.

After lunch we walked across the street to my favorite running store in Cincinnati, The Running Spot, set up in the old train station. We made some small purchases at their sale and grabbed a copy of the trail map.

Most of us have seen nicely paved bike trails as a great place to run. What makes the Loveland Bike Trail so brilliant is the way the local businesses and community embrace it and make it part of the everyday culture. Who wouldn't want to stop for an ice cream cone or read up on an infamous train robbery?

This is the kind of trail where you will find something new and fascinating each time you go.

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  1. You have some great trails! I'm trying to figure out what my new routes will be now that we're all moved in... it takes time to figure it out!

  2. That trail looks gorgeous!!! We don't really have anything like that here where I live but I wish we did!

  3. If I still lived in Cincinnati I'd do all my long runs here!

  4. They really have made it something awesome for runners, walkers, bikers...

  5. Looks beautiful! Thanks for putting this link up together!

  6. Gorgeous! I love these posts. So fun seeing where everyone spends their time.

  7. Looks like a lovely place to run. This is making me miss running! (only a few more months, I can handle it :) )

  8. I gotta check this trail out next time I'm down south. It looks so inviting! And I love the shaded areas that trails provide.

  9. Love how quaint your trail is :)

  10. A nice trail, shops and restaurants, and clean restrooms? Total win, sounds lovely!

  11. Ironically I shared a where I run type post too. It's fun seeing photos of places I recognize in your post.

  12. Love the looks of that area :)

  13. What a great idea, I love seeing where people run. Oh I found this post via blondersideoflife.

  14. Great link-up. Thanks for doing it :)

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