Monday, August 19, 2013

Training Truths: ZOOMA Week 6

It was not a good week - except for those of you who won some protein from Designer Whey! Check the list of winners at the bottom of this post.

In my last training truths post, I told you my plan to give my cranky hamstring the break it needed to cheer up. No such luck.

My plans for running 3 days instead of 4 last week went out the window on Monday when I found my little hamstring/hip problem had worsened and I could not walk without pain. So instead of logging miles, I was rolling, icing, and popping ibuprofen.

Monday & Tuesday - lots of TLC, and some easy core challenge work. I spent 48 hours thinking that I should not have run 9 miles on Sunday.

Wednesday - finally feeling some improvement, I walked 2.14 miles on the treadmill while working on the computer plus completed my daily dose of core work.

Thursday - rolled & iced before spending about 6+ hours in the car driving to Maine to pick up my step daughter from her summer job.

Friday - walked 2.1 miles on the TM and got caught up on my core challenges. I made the bad decision to do skater jumps which fired the hip pain up again.

Saturday - took a complete rest day from all exercise. (but I really wanted to lace up my Mizunos and go for a run).

Sunday - Early morning core workout for two days and an afternoon walking workout of 3.5 miles on the TM.

As much as I want to run today, I'm forcing myself to wait until I see my chiropractor on Tuesday. I am hoping that I will feel better after my adjustment and can go for a run.

What is the longest break you have taken from your running/sport? The longest for me was after the RnR Providence in 2011.

Congratulations to the Designer Whey giveaway winners!

#31 Katie
#9   Desiree
#15 Amy @Long Drive Journey
#20 Jordan Dunne
#10 Mary Beth Scimemi
#12 Casey

Please email me at by 10AM Wednesday August 21, 2013 with your mailing address so I can forward your information.


  1. see? changed NOT ABLE TO RUN to NOT ABLE TO LIFT and I soooo get it :-)

  2. Ugh, sorry Amy! It's always hard when you can't run or do what you want to do. But your smart to rest. Hope you're 100% soon!

  3. POOP!!! I'm sorry Amy!!! The longest I took off from running was when I was pregnant with my first, Em. I had trained for Boston beforehand and was way burnt out so I was happy with the break!!

  4. I'm hoping this is a short break and that a little rest will be good for me in the long run (but seriously NOT happy- ugh!).

  5. Sitting out running really just plain old sucks. I'm sorry that's where you are right now. Hopefully the rest will get you back soon!

  6. Oof my training has been bad too, dang injuries!

  7. So sorry to hear! Hope it goes well today!

  8. Sorry you are still on the mend. Can you get a massage? The longest I've gone without running due to injury was the 8 weeks prior to last year's Baystate Half. I had a calf injury that kept me off the trails and roads unless I was on a bike. Apparently, that was the right thing to do! I got 2 pain-free 3 mile runs in the week before the race and decided to run it-best time ever! Can you try some biking? Or does that hurt too?

  9. I took 6 months off from running and 2 months off from all exercise due to IT band stuff a few months back. It was awful and I was cranky and restless but it was exactly what my body needed. The pain has come back slightly in the last few weeks so I am trying to take it easy but I am not going to let myself get as bad as it did. So good you are listening to your body!

  10. I must say, your treadmill desk is quite awesome!

  11. Oh injuries - boo! The longest I've had to take off from running was 8+ weeks. Not fun but worth it in the long run. Rest up girl! My fingers are crossed for you!

  12. Oh Amy what a bummer! I'm so sorry you're hurting. The longest I took off from running was 3 weeks a couple of years ago to let my ITB chill. Hoping your chiro can get you moving pain-free soon!

  13. oh noses you with a running injury too, oh poo, that's no fun.
    Can you swim? that might help.
    The longest I haven't ran for is just over 2 weeks, and that wasn't because of an injury that was because I just needed a break.
    Rest up Amy, and hopefully you are running again soon.

  14. It's so frustrating isn't it?!?

  15. I've only tried walking on the TM, but if I don't get some relief from the chiro I think biking will be my next choice. I'll need a massage after that ;)

  16. It's so hard to be patient isn't it?? Hopefully we all come back healthy soon!

  17. It really is! I've only used it during walking workouts, but it was super easy for hubs to put together!! Coming in very handy lately, ergh!

  18. Thanks Angela! I know you were in the same boat!

  19. Me too! Luckily the core challenges have been helping keep me distracted (a little)!

  20. Maybe this was my body's way of forcing me into a break...thanks for the encouragement!


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