Monday, August 5, 2013

Training Truths: ZOOMA Week 4

Coming back from vacation a couple of weeks ago, I felt relaxed, refreshed, and reenergized. This made it easier to unpacked my suitcase and get back on track with my half marathon training last week.

On Tuesday I went out for my regular 5 mile out and back. Normally I turn around at what looks like a Floating House, but instead I took a left and turned the route into a loop. It shorted me about a half mile, but it was fun to check out a new part of the neighborhood. The first half of the run was on the road while the second half was more dirt road or trail like.

Since Wednesday was the last day of July, I couldn't resist adding some more miles to my monthly total. Even though it was a really nice day, I didn't want to deal with cars, bugs, or heat so I jumped on the treadmill and ran an easy 6 miles. This was my longest run in the Wave Sayonaras and my legs seemed ok with that distance. Then I went out later to run another mile just to bring my monthly total to 80. I blame the Sweaty Challenge!

Thursday morning was one of those kind that runners love in the summer: cool with low humidity. So even though I was planning a rest day, I laced up my "other" pink Mizunos, the Wave Rider 15 Limited Editions, and ran a 5K to the beach and back.

Thursday was also the first day of the August challenges I signed up to do. The August Core Focus is hosted by Kat from Sneakers and Fingerpaints and will help participants build core stability. The #SWEATADAY Instagram Challenge by Under Armour encourages women to kick it into high gear every day.

Saturday morning's weather continued to be cool and perfect for the long run. After contemplating driving somewhere to run my scheduled 8.5 miles, I faced the truth that I was really trying to get out of running HILLS and let's face it, there are hills everywhere in NH. So, I ran local starting at my driveway.

At the end of my fourth week of ZOOMA training I'm feeling good with the way things are going. I've had a few minor aches and pains, but I have been treating myself to some good old fashion foam rolling, stretching, and strength training.

How are you doing?


  1. I giggled at the ecard as IM NOT A RUNNER but thats why I switched to using VFF about a decade ago---they be tinier :)

  2. Last week I was away and I had a suitcase just for my running clothes!!! You're dong great Amy! Keep up those know how Falmouth is!

  3. What a pretty spot for a run! Sounds like a great week!

  4. I love your photos. Such beautiful places to run! Great job with your training!

  5. Gorgeous! Great week you had! :)

  6. Awesome week of training, sounds like the vacay was just what you needed to kick it back into gear :) Love your pics too by the way, beautiful scenery

  7. We live in one pretty state, huh? Thanks for sharing and way to get back into training mode post vacation!

  8. Wow that looks like one amazing place to be running. It's so green (for summer).


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