Friday, August 9, 2013

#GoalGetter2013 July Update

Wow! Summer seems to be flying by, but not without fun, adventure, and new stuff! Of course I have also been working toward my goals for for the year and today I'm taking a look back at my adventures and how I did in July.

Say Hello to Fast!

The best way to start a new month is with some new gear and thanks to Mizuno and the Mezamashii Run Project, I received a pair of Wave Sayonaras. These shoe are so different from any other shoe I've worn, and I love having them in my training rotation.

Time to Start Training

I spent the first week of summer blissfully enjoying the lack of a training schedule (especially because it was so hot), but then quickly realized that it was time to start getting ready for the ZOOMA Cape Cod half marathon. So I wrote up a 12 week plan and crossed my fingers for a break in the heat wave.

Snacking on Stonyfield

I attended another #Blog&Tweet event organized by Janine and Allie of New Hampshire Blogger and Tweeters. We had a great time learning about Stonyfield organic yogurts made right here in New Hampshire. After LOTS of taste testing, I discovered a new favorite yogurt product that I can't have enough of.

Hula Hustle 10K

My only summer race was one big LUAU party! I had given up running races in the summer because of the heat and humidity, but this one made promises I couldn't resist. The Millennium Running Hula Hustle 5K/10K was definitely worth the warm weather run and will stay on my race schedule.

2013 Goal Highlights:

Still chasing 1000 miles for the year with a monthly goal of 80+, I'm happy to report that in July I ran 80.41 miles (thanks to a two-a-day one mile run to put me over the top!). I am hoping to carry this success into my August running.

I started a 30 day ab challenge that fell by the wayside when I went to Cincinnati, but I did complete 21 days. In August I hope to be more consistent and follow through with the challenges I'm doing.

How did you do in July?


  1. What a great July! Honestly, I can't remember where July went! It's one of those months.

  2. Great job on your challenges! I'm still loving my Wave Sayonaras, too.

  3. Super job! Is it August already?! Waaaaaannnh ;)

  4. Great job! The Hula race looks fun :)

  5. I had good intentions for running in July and then this INSANE, TX heat got the best of me so focused on strength training & indoor cardio...which is good too! The hula race looks cute & fun!!

  6. Nice job! I'm still in shock that it's August. Time needs to slow down!

  7. Looks like a great month! July seems like a short blur. What did I accomplish? Good question LOL

  8. Nice job - love the luau run, sounds like fun! I totally slacked in July....and the beginning of August. Starting my next training plan on the 19th though, so hopefully I'll be back on the horse, so to speak :)


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