Monday, October 20, 2014

My Notorious Sartorius

After a painful finish of the Newport half marathon, I had a sports massage and learned that the tenderness in my hip was actually caused by an issue with the longest muscle in my body.

Ironically, one week ago I had never heard of the sartorius muscle (apologies to my high school A&P teacher).

My problems no doubt started in August when I had a knot in my calf…right around the insertion area of the tibia. Running on it probably put a strain on the entire muscle resulting in my hip pain.

At the recommendation of my therapist, I took the week off. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be because until getting some active release therapy on Thursday, even walking was painful. 

So I spent much of the week icing, rolling, and taking it easy. Finally yesterday it felt like I could go for a low-impact walk without worrying that I was hampering the healing process.

me and my buddy

After breakfast, mrC and I took the dog for a walk on the local trail. Despite the sun there was a chill in the air, but my Athleta be free tights kept my legs comfortably warm. I'm eager to wear these on a run.

The walk also gave me another chance to lace up the GOrun 3s sent to me by Skechers. There is still time for you to pick out your own breast cancer awareness gear from the Skechers Performance Division (here) and support the American Cancer Society.

This week I will be taking more time off to let my muscles heal and hopefully be able to run the CHaD Hero 5K with my Team Nuun teammates on Sunday.

What is YOUR "notorious sartorius"?

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