Monday, October 27, 2014

Training Truths: Packages of Happiness

I wanted so badly for the 13 days I took off from running to fix my hip/sartorius muscle problem. I had a sports massage, active release therapy, and a chiropractic adjustment. I tried to not think about the message waiting for me on my running watch.

As I waited for the non-running days to pass, I focused on what I could do: basic sit-ups/crunches. Nothing fancy or intense. After the first 7 days, I finally felt safe to take a walk.

Then the rain descend upon New Hampshire and didn't let up for days. As much as I dislike rainy weather, it made it easier to resist pushing my body too soon. Instead of lacing up my running shoes with the Run Club, I enjoyed littleCs damp soccer game and an indoor strength workout.

The frustration of not running was mitigated slightly during the week when I received little packages of happiness:

First, ZOOMA notified me that I had been chosen to be a 2015 Cape Cod Ambassador again!

Then, Mizuno satisfied my running shoe obsession by sending me another new pair of shoes!

Thursday's strength workout with Run Club left me feeling stronger. Strong enough to approach the weekend like I used to.

Friday - another strength workout, but at home. I did a couple of rounds of my favorite Tabata workouts in the basement.

Saturday - After a month away from SurfSet, mrC and I struggled through the morning session. There were brief moments when I felt a little tug in my hip, but really I just felt the loss of every single one of the 520 calories I burned during class. Afterward I happily pushed "OK" on my watch and then we took our new Mizunos on a 2 mile trail run. During the run, my hip felt a little tight, but better than I expected. 

That's right, mrC is now wearing Wave Rider 18s too!

Sunday - I woke up and immediately felt the workouts from Saturday. My calves, quads, and abs were sore from SurfSet, but my hip was sore from the run. I spent the day in compression pants, icing off and on.

The week ahead will be day-to-day with hopes that my second sports massage on Tuesday will be another package of happiness for my hip!

What was your last package of happiness?

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