Monday, October 6, 2014

The Week After

As soon as I crossed the ZOOMA finish line last Saturday, I knew I had to go into recovery mode. It was a tough race. Since I'll be running the Newport Half with mrC next weekend, the week after the race is just as important as the training leading up to it.

POST RACE: The first thing I did was make my way to Buzzards Bay to soak my tired legs in the cold September water. There may have been a little stretching going on there too. After a sufficient soak and drinking two bottles of water, I made my way across the sand of Old Silver Beach to treat myself to a free 15 minute massage. Later, mrC and I took a leisurely stroll on the beach before going to dinner.

DAY AFTER: I started the day with some yoga stretches on the beach followed by some self massage of the tender spots in my legs. On the way home from the Cape, we stopped for some walking at the Outlet Mall.

DAYS 2-7:
Lots of foam rolling and some quality time with my heating pad to loosen up the two lingering knots in my calf and quad.

Tuesday - Easy recovery run on the trail. Still a couple of hot spots in the legs, so I grimaced through it.

Thursday - Another easy trail run. My legs were feeling much better on this run.

Saturday -  Not 100% pain-free, but this was the best run of the week. mrC and I ran a loop around the Manchester airport which has a good mix of rolling hills. I am trying to figure out a new pre-run fueling option after last weekend's disaster, so today I forced down a small banana (not a fan) and filled up my water bottle with Cytomax. The banana seems to be a working option for me and I didn't even feel like I needed the Cytomax.

Although I have been dealing with injuries more frequently than I would like lately, I cannot give up on running. There are three more races on my 2014 schedule and I'm going to enjoy each one of them…and recover after!

How do you get through hard times in your training?

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