Thursday, January 28, 2016

Slow and Steady on a Rainy Day

It's been raining pretty much non-stop since Tuesday. It's not fun going out in the rain here. It makes me miss having a car, but I managed to get to the fitness center as planned anyway.

I did another interval workout on the treadmill. I extended the intervals by 5 minutes from Tuesday. 5 minute WU, 3:2 run/walk for 25 minutes, and 5 minute CD (not using my watch). I did remember to pack my Nike+ watch this time and I preset it for intervals --> another reason to get the Apple Watch: settings on demand.

The earbuds might make you think I am listening to music while I run, but I'm actually listening to Season 2 of Serial. I just finished the first season and was surprised by how much I liked listening to a story.

Keeping up with my #runlovechallenge goal to do strength workouts twice per week, I hit the free weights again. I'm beginning to feel stronger and have been grabbing the 10 pound weights more.

I got to try out my brand new goggles during today's swim. They fit perfectly and were so much better. No more water leaking in and fogging things up on me. My arms were heavy today, but I swam 12 laps in 20 minutes.

I read on Athleta's blog recently that to prolong the life of your swim suit, you should always rinse away the chlorine. This makes sense. At outdoor pools, I usually rinse the chlorine off me, so why not the suit? So, now I will be taking my suit into the shower with me for a quick rinse. (and in case you're wondering, I did not shower with my phone)

Ah, the rain. I learned today why rain boots are so popular. This whole living in the city without a car lifestyle is putting a spin on my wardrobe choices.

Rainy afternoons are so much better with a bowl of soup and a sandwich. Followed by some Netflix.

More rain all day. The locals like their motorbikes and on rainy days I'm jealous. They don't need rain boots.

Rain boots are probably cheaper than a motorbike.

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