Wednesday, January 29, 2014

WIAW: Cheesy Tuna & Quinoa

As I continue on my gluten-free diet, I have noticed that I do not crave pasta anymore. I used to make a lot of meals that included some sort of pasta as one of the main ingredients, but lately they aren't the least bit appealing to me.

One of my favorite easy meals to make was tuna and macaroni. Literally I would make a box of mac-n-cheese and add two can of tuna. That's it. Easy and delicious. I used to make this all the time in college.

Now I can make it by substituting a couple of ingredients and it's just as good!

After cooking one cup of quinoa, add about 1/2 cup shredded parmesan cheese and mix.

Then mix in about two tablespoons of plain Greek yogurt followed by two cans of tuna.

That's it. This is a great recipe for a quick, but filling lunch option. I usually make it on Sunday and then take it to school for my lunch.

If you're not eating quinoa yet, take a look at this great article and this blog post detailing the benefits of this amazing super-food.

Oh yea, it's WIAW and I'm linking up with Jenn. Check out more recipes here:

What is your favorite quinoa recipe?


  1. now? THIS.
    I love me some tuna but have never thought of smashing it with the quinoa!!!

  2. This looks great Amy! Thanks for sharing. I think my kids might even eat this one! I am going to pin it for later.

  3. I love pasta too but know I should probably find a substitute. Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. Bet there's lots of protein going on in that recipe! I like that!

  5. Mmm, so simple and so good! I bet I could even get my daughter to eat this!

  6. Ooo! That sounds super yummy!!! I love quinoa with fire roasted tomatoes.

  7. I am so glad to hear that someone else has loved mac and cheese with tuna! I am surprisingly still way turned off by quinoa (pregnancy food I couldn't even see) but this sounds great!

  8. My kids would love this--why haven't I ever thought of it? Thanks for doing the thinking for me! : )

  9. Yum, I want to make this for B, I bet he would love it!

  10. This looks super easy, I will have to give this a go when I finished with whole30

  11. I love my compression sleeves. I also use a foam roller when feeling really tight.


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