Friday, April 8, 2016

A Hiking Goal and My Chinese IKEA Kitchen

This morning I had a date with mrC to climb the mountain, but first there was coffee. Being an ultimate multi-tacker, while waiting for my coffee to brew, I stepped out to enjoy the morning view of the harbor and do some squats.

We've decided to try to hike the mountain a couple times a week because it's a really good workout. 

Check out these stats: 
4.34 miles covered
54 flights climbed
405 calories burned
97 minutes 

Plus we just feel super awesome when we make it to the top.

The post-hike breakfast was courtesy of mrC and he whipped up my favorite cheesy scrambled eggs and ham.

After breakfast, mrC went to work and I began the waiting game for our grocery order to be delivered. We take advantage of the free service offered by one of the international stores when we need to buy our bulky products: paper towels, toilet paper, laundry soap, napkins. While I waited I foam rolled my calves and used a tennis ball to try to hit the trigger point. My heel was still feeling pesky today when I stretched.

When I was making an afternoon smoothie, I started thinking about how much we have adapted to this "smaller" life we're living here. The people in China are much smaller in stature which makes it challenging to find clothes and shoes that fit us. We used to live on a 2 acre lot in a 3 bedroom two bath house and now we're in an apartment that measures 96 sq. meters. 

This randomness started because I was thinking about the size of my smoothie maker. The small cup makes it hard to get everything I want into my smoothies, but it works.

Kind of like the way my tiny Chinese kitchen works. There's actually a good amount of space to prep as long as you don't store things on the counters, which is true in any sized kitchen, right?

Dishwashers are not common, but sanitizers are. We didn't even use the one in our old apartment, but the layout here makes it easier to wash and load. We usually run it when we go to bed (just like the dishwasher at home). It sanitizes and dries. 

It's also common to have your washing machine in the kitchen (or on the balcony like our last place). This was weird at first, but it's not so bad.

It's also typical for the kitchens in rentals to be stocked with IKEA cabinets.

Does your home have any quirks?

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