Saturday, April 30, 2016

Airplanes - 12 hours = Low Calorie Rest Day

Traveling 12 time zones over a 24 hour period, but losing 12 hours is challenging when you are trying to following a nutrition and fitness plan. I ended up flip flopping days because it worked better.

We left the US on Friday morning (regular calorie day) and landed Saturday night (morning in the US and low calorie day). Since our meals were completely off once we boarded our flight to Hong Kong and there was no time to do the scheduled workout, it just made since to use the FRI/SAT travel day as a low calorie day. Are you confused yet? Yea, me too!

Eats from our 26 hour low calorie travel day

Breakfast: watermelon, scrambled eggs, coffee
Easy enough at the hotel before we left. We literally had to eat and run since our first flight departed Ohio at 7:45 and breakfast started at 6:00!

Lunch: grilled chicken salad, Italian dressing, water, and veggie chips
Fudrucker's at DFW does a good salad. I was still following regular calorie day at this point and trying to include starchy carbs with the chips. All of it was yummy!

Dinner: some lettuce and pork from airplane meal, water, and another serving of veggie chips
Airplane food is hardly ever good. It was all I could do to eat some of the pork and then I pretty much lost my appetite. 

Snacks: peanuts, water, pb&j rice cakes
While waiting for the ferry at the Hong Kong airport, I ate the peanuts that I snagged from the USO in Dallas. These held me over until we got to the apartment and I made some rice cakes.

After snacking, I went online and made my grocery order to be delivered tomorrow morning. Lots of veggies and fruits coming our way!

How is your appetite when you travel?

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