Friday, April 29, 2016

Traveling and Fasting

Fasting. I have only fasted a small amount of times in my life on holy days. They were never easy.

Today was my first fast day as part of the carb cycling/intermittent fasting program I'm doing. The purpose of doing the the plan is to reset my body and let go of some of the bad cravings I've developed, along with extra inches (haha)!

Breakfast: lots of water
Of course I woke up feeling hungry. My unsuccessful feast day plus the workout caught up to me. Lots of water seemed to help. Side note: It's also my monthly cycle.

Lunch: red raspberry herbal tea, more water
In between legs and after sleeping most of the one hour flight to Dulles, I made some tea. I'm not a big tea drinker, so I added a squirt of Stevia. This seemed to help with the hunger, but I was starting to feel hangry.

BROKE MY FAST: popcorn, water
I was a couple of hours early, but I was feeling bad, very tired (I slept on the second leg too) and I had a headache. I thought the popcorn was a pretty good choice given I was limited to what was in the hotel snack shop. 

Dinner: Shared nachos (with mrC and BFF), Laredo steak, broccoli, baked potato, water and coke. 
My BFF picked us up at the hotel and took us to Max & Erma's for dinner. Hunger, on top of knowing that we will be leaving all the amazing food options in the US made me over do it. The coke was the worst decision of all.

I thought I would do some yoga before bed, but honestly I was exhausted. Traveling, fasting, my monthly and a big meal was too much for me.

Today I return to China. My regular calorie day should be interesting and who knows what day Ill be on when I get there?!?

See you in 24 hours!

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