Monday, April 11, 2016

Pushing through Jetlag

We made it Columbus, Ohio last night, a mere 24 hours after leaving China. No matter how much I plan to beat the jet lag, it always seems to haunt us the first couple of days. Today we were both awake by 3AM.

When you're jet lagged and hungry, waiting for the breakfast bar to open seems like forever. We were rewarded with some awesome fruit and made-to-order eggs though.

While waiting for my BFF to come get me for our day together, I thought a little Yoga Camp session would help keep me energized. I tried to get mrC to join me, but he preferred to preview only.

By the way, do you workout with your significant other? Love this guy for trying. 

After some shopping and lunch, my BFF took me to her stylist at Salon Lofts for a long overdue color and cut. I loved this because each stylist has her own space. No loud conversations or styling tools to try to talk over. While Mitzie did my hair, we hung out, drank wine, and talked and talked and talked. Jet lag was far from my mind. 

Oh and my it!

While at the salon, mrC met up with my dad who flew in from Florida and mrBFF picked up the kid from school. Then we all met up for a Mexican dinner at Abuelos. I really miss nights like this! 

To make it even better, we brought out the Girl Scout cookies BFF has been hiding in her freezer for a little dessert. 

Jet lag? What jet lag?!

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