Friday, October 4, 2013

Fitness Friday: #GoalGetter2013 September Review

How do I feel about September? Meh. Here's why:

1. I didn't run

2. I had to DNS another race

3. I volunteered at a race I was supposed to run

4. I almost did 50 squats a day for 30 days

5. I did a TON of strength training

I'm ready to move on. Ready to get back in my running shoes. Ready to log some miles. Ready to be injury-free.

What are you ready for?


  1. I'm ready for anything! Bring it! :) Hope you are back to running injury free in October!

  2. I'm ready to have one weekend without running! Did I just admit that? Yes! I've been marathon training and those long weekend runs take up half a day...or at least it seems like it. I'm ready for the marathon and want one weekend to sleep in :)
    Hang in there!

  3. Ready for life...and some hills! ;)

  4. I'm ready for my body to adapt to this cold weather so my hip will start working again so I can run. Whenever the weather first changes my lower back and hip go on strike.

  5. Just because you didn't run, doesn't mean you didn't get a workout. Far out all those pictures with those awesome workouts put my September to shame. I ran a lot, but didn't really do any strength training. I'll be glad to get backing to picking up those weights, and doing my yoga. I miss yoga.

  6. You deserve it after logging all those training miles!

  7. Ugh, sounds tough. Hope everything is working for you soon!

  8. Thanks! Your comments always give me a new perspective on things!

  9. You had an awesome workout month, even without the running!

    I'm with you on being ready to be injury free.

  10. I think you had a brilliant month (those collages of you working out are so cool!).

    Believe me when I say that the strength training that you did will help you so much as you start back running! Looking forward to hearing how October goes.

    Oh and Amy I love your blog and have nominated you for the Liebster Award.

    Check out everything required at my latest post



  11. Amy, I can totally relate. I have been having a hard time getting back in the swing with running. I hope that you will feel more positivity about running soon but at least you will be ripped from all of that strength training :)

  12. My September was meh too! Happily I'm back running but I'm not quite over the paranoid of being reinjured phase. Every time I run and I mean super easy runs, I feel every little twinge in my left shin. It's driving me crazy! I'm ready to move on too :)


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