Wednesday, October 2, 2013

WIAW - Wheat Free ZOOMA Road Trip

Last weekend was my first BIG wheat-free road test as I headed to Cape Cod for some ZOOMA fun. Unsure of how I would do finding G-free restaurant/menu options, I packed some snacks in a cooler for the trip: rice cakes, PB&J, cheese, GF crackers, grapes, and yogurt. So for WIAW, I'm giving you a peek at my eats from the weekend!

When we arrived in Falmouth, I whipped out my trusty iPhone and opened the handy dandy YELP app. Using the search feature, I found three restaurants listed under GF menu options. After reading the reviews and checking the websites, we choose Stone L'Oven because it boasted delicious GF pizza. This very late lunch also became dinner.

After fulfilling my ambassador duties and serving up Personal Best medals at the post-race expo, we headed to Woods Hole for lunch and a little sight-seeing. After using the YELP app again to locate G-free restaurant options, we settled on Fishmonger Cafe after reading the menu posted on the door. mr.C and I shared a delicious serving of GF Rice & Beans: black bean chili, brown rice, cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce, and fresh corn tortilla chips served with salsa and sour cream. Blogger blunder, I forgot to get a picture, but here's one of our post-lunch wild berry fruit smoothie made fresh at Woods Hole Market.

On Friday night when we skipped dinner but joined fellow ZOOMA ambassadors briefly after the Mocktail Party, I noticed that Red's (the resort restaurant) offered GF items on their menu. So for dinner on Saturday we ordered some take out on our way back to the room after watching the sunset on the beach. We both chose the GF veggie burger meal with fries. The GF bun was so huge I had to cut it in half. Despite my terrible photo, the veggie burger tasted homemade and included a spicy kick.

With so much success finding GF restaurants using the YELP app, we did it again on Sunday. This time we hit the jackpot with Idgy's - a 100% Gluten Free restaurant! It was so nice to be able to order ANYTHING off the menu. I selected the chicken panini quesadilla and mr.C chose blueberry pancakes and eggs.

We were so happy with our meals that we picked up some GF chocolate chip cookies to go. All I can say is, we should have bought more!

There were actually more cookies in the baggie, but I ate some before taking the pic!

For breakfast both Saturday and Sunday, I raided the mini kitchen and had PB&J rice cakes, some yogurt, and coffee. I've never been a BIG fan of the large restaurant-style breakfast, so this worked perfect for me.

Most of the food we ordered was made in restaurants that also made meals containing gluten. While we are not allergic, we knew the possibility of cross-contamination existed and all of our servers made a point to also tell us. We were comfortable with the small chance, although I recognize that some people may not be.

I'm feeling really good about my first time eating on the road and staying true to wheat-free diet. It was easier than I though it would be thanks to YELP and restaurants offering GF menu options.

How successful is your diet on road trips ?


  1. I am so impressed that you were able to find options that worked for you! I think it's great that areas offer so many food options...sadly, you wouldn't find that here. Love the Yelp app! :0)

  2. Wow! That's so awesome you were able to find those options! Around here we are not that lucky.

  3. I always make sure I plan and pack accordingly :)

  4. Oh how cool is that! Yelp is awesome! I'm glad you were able to find some yummy eats on your trip. I usually try to research ahead and pack accordingly. I do my best, but it isn't always perfect.

  5. I'm diggin' your gluten free pizza!!! That looks sooo yummy! :)

  6. Nice! Way to go, staying gluten-free throughout the trip. Sometimes it's even easier to find or order things that simply (naturally) don't have bread/pasta/etc., than to try to get the "gluten-free" bread option.

    Still, I'm surprised you found so many of these things! Very cool.

  7. That pizza and that veggie burger looked delicious! I've not been on a road trip in years but so should.


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