Monday, October 14, 2013

Training Truths: Injured & Sick, But I Ran a Half Marathon!

As I have been telling you, week after week, I have been suffering from a nasty hamstring strain of some kind since early August. I had to skip two races (NH 10 Miler and ZOOMA Cape Cod Half Marathon) and have only logged approximately 8 running miles over the last 2 months.

On top of the injury, last week I caught my first New England head cold, and it was a doozy! Although my weekly training has been scattered and limited, I ended my workout week with a half marathon finish.

Monday - I started the day with my 50 squats as usual (trying to see how long I can do my #squatstreak). In the evening I developed a sore throat, but still managed my #SweatFor5 workout and some curtsy twist squats.

Tuesday - #squatstreak and feeling crummy. My after school easy run became an easy walk with some mountain climbers thrown in before attending my step-daughter's soccer game.

Wednesday - #squatstreak and that's it. Thought I could push through an easy day at work, but ended up coming home early. Jumped right into my comfy clothes and went to bed.

Thursday - Took a sick day from work, slept in, and felt good enough to do my #squatstreak. Then I spent the rest of the day resting.

Friday - #squatstreak and back to work. After work I had some ART done at PT and then caught up on the last couple of days worth of challenge exercises.

Saturday - #squatstreak and some more challenge exercises before heading to Boston. After checking in to the hotel, we walked around town doing some shopping and having dinner.

Sunday - Up early to catch the T to run/walk the BAA Half Marathon (recap coming soon!). My husband offered to run with me (he hasn't been running much lately either) to help me get across the finish line and earn my distance medley medal. #squatstreak while mr.C previews my post for me :)

A half marathon finish after the lousy training I've had the last couple of months is a pretty good way to end the week!


  1. I know! That's how I'm still feeling ;)

  2. It was helpful to us too! So glad we all made it!

  3. Way to stick with it while also playing it smart to finish!

  4. I love the idea of a #squatstreak! Good for you for finishing that half. I feel like I've been in the same boat as you. Injuries be gone!!! Hope this week goes better!

  5. Awesome! Way to go after all you've been dealing with! I'll be looking forward to the recap!

  6. Nicely done! Hope you're feeling much better!


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