Monday, October 7, 2013

Training Truths: Patience is my new BF

I do not consider myself a patient person. AT ALL. Dealing with this adductor injury is giving me no choice, so I have had to make patience my new best friend. Not really. Sandy, you are still my BFF!

It has been strange to hear my running friends make comments about how impressed they are with my resolve to wait out this injury. Playing the waiting game has been hard. No matter how much I want to, I know I must take this one day at a time. One run too soon or too long and I could be forced to the sidelines again.

So, getting back into my running shoes has been slow. Fewer running days, shorter distances, and slower paces. I'm ok with that as long as I keep healing.

Monday: 50 morning squats. 5K walk to the beach with mr.C and the dog after school.

Tuesday: Squats. Ran 2 miles on the trail. The run was ok. Some tenderness still lingered around the adductor, but it was progress. Strength work at home later.

Wednesday: Squats. More tenderness just walking around. Strength exercises. Finally tried an Epsom salt soak.

Thursday: Squats. Feeling much better. Strength exercises and another Epsom salt soak after school before I headed back to the HS for Open House night.

Friday: Squats before work. Busy day - school, mammy #2, and then a soccer game under the lights. Rest day was in order.

Saturday: I was finally was able to sleep in and it felt awesome!! Strength exercises and squats followed by a two mile easy run. Felt much better on this one. Might be the downhills that are aggravating the adductor. Epsom salt soak and ice for 20 afterwards.

Sunday: 50 squats and then in preparation for the Bengals game, I did a little stretching and some squat jumps so I'd be ready to celebrate some touchdowns!

What do your running friends say about you?


  1. I've been having trouble with an adductor too. Yes, the downhills make it angry. Good luck with yours!

  2. Consider it a big complement, right? The patience will pay off. My running friends always say I am the most disciplined among us!

  3. You are being so smart about this injury Amy. Your patience will pay off in the end!

  4. You too! It's hard to avoid hills around here ;)

  5. It is, just opposite of what I consider myself! Now disciplined...I love following a schedule!

  6. I hope so Michelle! See you at BAA half this weekend?

  7. It's a compliment for sure! The hardest part of sitting out with an injury is it seems EVERYONE is running. You are being so smart to be careful.

  8. Amy

    I had a stress fracture 3 years ago - was not allowed to run for 9 months. My doctor advised me to take up pool running to keep up my cardio and my sanity. I would recommend that as there is no impact (run in the deep end with a water belt). I was actually doing laps and when I went back to the road, I was not that far behind. Up until that injury, never ran a marathon..........I am running my 7th marathon in Toronto,Ontario on Oct 20th !! You can and will come back from this injury !

    Rick Boudreau


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