Friday, June 9, 2017

Active Recovery Day - Bowling in Hong Kong

Low intensity workouts usually bring to mind yoga, biking, walking, elliptical, pilates. Believe it or not, bowling can be a great active rest day option, too.

If you've ever been bowling you know that it utilizes most of the major muscle groups. When you throw the ball down the lane, you are stretching and flexing several muscles all at once. You might have felt it the day after ---> sore glutes or even a sore arm?

Bowling is anaerobic and it's not meant for building muscle mass, but it is perfect for active recovery day.

Today I met up with some American Women's Association friends for a couple of hours of bowling. The temperature has been really heating up here in Hong Kong and bowling is an excellent way to escape the heat.

We had two lanes for two hours at Thunder Bowl, located in the basement of Whampoa Plaza (just opposite the big ship) in Whampoa. We bowled three maybe four games and had an absolute blast. We also burned about 300 calories.

Low Calorie Day - the meals

After bowling I skipped the group lunch at California Pizza and headed back to DB. Although I love pizza, it's not a great choice on low calorie day (we all know pizza is anything but low calorie) and it was not gluten free. 

Broke fast about 1:00 - I grabbed a few items from the grocery near the ferry pier including: yogurt bars - they are so yummy!

Lunch - 3 turkey roll ups with swiss cheese, pb&j rice cakes and red grapes.

Dinner - leftover salmon patty, green beans and salad

Snack - two PB&J rice cakes

Overall: I'm having trouble getting in the carbs. I can consume insatiable amounts of bad carbs (chips anyone??), but trying to eat my macros fills me up. Is this really a bad thing though? 

What atypical activity have you used to stay active on rest days?



  1. How fun! I haven't been bowling in ages!

    I've done SUP--is that an atypical activity? And of course, my job, which keeps me on my feet all day!

    1. The only times I've done it recently has been in Asia ;) SUP is probably more popular than it used to be, but not as typical as yoga or walking I don't think.

  2. I used to love bowling and I was pretty good too. Then I had a go last year and I got three zero's in a row! I was terrible! It was great fun though :)

    1. It definitely keeps you humble! I always have a great time no matter how I bowl.

  3. Alex and I love to get our bowl on! The problem is... the last time we bowled, he pulled his bicep. Because that would happen to us! LOL!

    1. OMGosh! That sounds painful! I always imagine bowling as being an injury-free sport ;)


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