Thursday, June 8, 2017

Top Three Thursday

Last week I was wandering around the fitness center trying to locate all the machines needed for strength training day 2. Today, I was like a pro. Well, not a professional weight lifter, but definitely someone with experience in a weight room.

I have to admit, that felt pretty good.

Today I'm focusing on the top three things that made me smile.

1) Working out with mrC. His schedule has been pretty light recently, so we've been able to do this Faster program together. Not everyone has a spouse for a workout partner, so I know how lucky I am. Being able to do the workouts together definitely makes it more fun and we motivate each other.

Week 2 Regular Calorie day 2 - the workout

Warm up - we did our usual thing and walked to the fitness center

Strength training - it was upper body day today. I have to modify some of the exercises still because my shoulder is still healing (I hope). I'm getting the hang of knowing what weight to use, but today I killed the triceps exercises. Pretty sure I'm going to be a little sore tomorrow.

Cool down - we took this literally and went to our happy place (see #2 below)

Week 2 Regular Calorie day 2 - the meals

Broke fast 11:30 - 2.5 scrambled eggs with ham and Bob's Red Mill gluten free pancakes

Lunch - 3 turkey roll ups, red grapes, celery with hummus

Snack - peanuts

Dinner - salmon patty, green beans, sweet potato tots and a salad

Snack - greek yogurt with some chocolate sauce

2) Going to the pool. I have always loved the water, loved the beach, loved the pool. I really love cooling off in the pool after a workout. This pattern got started when our expat adventure began in Dubai.

3) Pedicures. A friend recommended a salon (one that I had walked by dozens of times and not noticed) and I recently tried it for myself. I had a manicure the other day and today I got my toes done. Don't you love the way the hot pink pops against my leopard Sanuk flip-flops?

Tell me something that made you smile recently.


  1. Pedicures for the win! I wanted one so badly the other day - even though I was wearing skinny jeans I knew I wouldn't be able to roll up... That I went and I CUT MY JEANS OFF OF ME - because THIS GIRL wanted a calf massage!!!

    1. Whoa!!! You cut them off? You seriously wanted that massage ;) Hope it was a good one!

  2. It's great that you and Mr. C get to workout together! I like to run with my husband whenever I get the chance!

  3. I need a pedicure desperately. I was determined to get one done before the summer hit but as always I'm late to the party, ha!

    1. That's exactly how I was feeling when I went in for mine...needed it desperately!


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